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Worlds Most Expensive Trains Journey

Go back in time and enjoy a train journey that you will never forget. In the past days, luxury travel was only possible in first-class flights. This is a new era of luxury train journey. It is exciting to relive the old look of the train with all modern facilities and services. Train travel is the most exciting means of transportation.

Here, we explored some of the greatest and most expensive trains in the world and highlighted five of the most recognized "best" train services anywhere in the wor

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World's 5 Most Expensive Cities

Rank 1: Luanda
Luanda is the capital and the largest city of Angola.It has an excellent natural harbour; the chief exports are coffee, cotton, sugar, diamonds, iron, and salt.The city also has a thriving building industry, an effect of the nationwide economic boom experienced since 2002, when political stability returned with the end of the civil war.india vacation packages

Rank 2:Tokyo
Tokyo was originally a small fishing village named Edo.It is one of the three world finance 'command centres', al
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