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Champadevi Hiking in Kathmandu

Champadevi is a popular one-day hiking destination in Nepal, known for its religious significance and panoramic views. It's situated to the southwest of Kathmandu Valley. The Champadevi hiking trail offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural experience, and a moderately challenging hike.

Champadevi is named after the local Newari words "Champa" (a type of flower) and "Devi" (goddess). At the summit, there's a small temple dedicated to Champadevi, attracting both hikers and pilgrims.

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Champadevi Hill Hiking

Champadevi is a hill located in Kathmandu that is home to an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Champa Devi. The Champadevi temple complex sits atop the hill at an elevation of about 2,750 m (9,000 ft).

The Champadevi hike is a popular short-day hike near Kathmandu. It typically takes 3–4 hours roundtrip to reach the Champadevi temple from the trailhead in Pharping.

The trail starts in the small town of Pharping, which is about 19 kilometers south of Kathmandu. From Pharping, the trail

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