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Necessary rituals of Umrah

Umrah is a voluntary or sunnah Pilgrimage that hundreds of thousands of Muslims undertake every year traveling through umrah package for 2022. Though umrah performance isn’t obligatory for any Muslim, pilgrims travel for it throughout the year because it holds rewards equal to that of Hajj pilgrimage. Nonetheless, Umrah travel is easy and convenient for Muslims across the globe because one can travel for it at any time of the year; there’s no specific timeframe to perform Umrah rituals. However,

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Matrimonial Rites in Nepal


The most practiced marriage system found in the Nepali society is the magi- bihe (arranged marriage). Magi-bihe i.e. arranged marriage in Nepali Community unlike in other communities is finalized by the girl’s family when the boy’s family puts forward the proposal of marriage.

Generally, a relative acts as the middle man (lami) in marriage negotiations. The practice of comparing names by an astrologer, to see whether the proposed couple would make a good match, persists but it is done only in a p

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