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Teen Travel Bloggers Win Big


In an example of great partnering, Family Travel Forum (FTF) and the Society of American of Travel Writers
teamed up to work with and announce the lucky bloggers who earned the 2012 Teen Travel Writing Scholarships, awarded by both of these respected  professional travel content organizations.

The fierce competition attracted more than 6,300 students ages 13-18, educated in US or American-International schools or home-schooled, all of whom applied for the merit scholarships. 

This is the  sixt

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Women ‘Family Travel’ Bloggers Rule


Used to be they were called “mommy bloggers,” but that was before their Klout scores soared and corporations avidly courted them.

And while I may be exaggerating, I’m not by much. This group of bright, engaged mothers who travel with their kids and run homes and blog, now run the family travel market and drive some of the most exciting conversations on line.

While CEO’s of hot start-ups and established web sites are pronouncing and  pontificating, these women bloggers and journalists are runn

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