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               Performance piece by Lyora Pissarro 

Camille Pissarro's powerful artistic influence can be felt in the paintings of his great-great granddaughter

Camille Pissarro (below left) was one of the great 19th-century artists, known as the “father of impressionism.” His influence on modern art remains immense and he has inspired many painters including his great-great granddaughter, Lyora Pissaro. I came across her work recently at the Stern Pissarro in central London and was intrigued to l

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Thinking of coming to Costa Rica, and looking for something different? An experience off the beaten path and unique? Dominical-01-300x199.jpg?width=300Check out Costa Rica’s “lost coast” from Dominical to Uvita. This lesser-traveled region along the southern Pacific Coast is a magical place where lush, green, rain forested mountains tumble down to the warm aquamarine sea. It is an exotic paradise of hidden treasures – verdant jungle, rushing rivers, majestic waterfalls, spectacular sunsets, palm and almond tree-lined volcanic da

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Tlaquepaque is an old oasis within Guadalajara's modern big city sprawl. A small village that has been able to hold on to olden times and lifestyle. It is Mexico's premiere Arts and Crafts capital and your visit will certainly bring you to discover breathtaking works in ceramics, iron, blown glass, leather, wood and many other materials. Many of these creations are authored by local artisans and artists that live in this enclave and show and sell their works to you directly, many times from thei

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