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@threetreecreative-3363.jpg?profile=RESIZE_930xAli'i Kula Lavender

“Ve vere bored in Hamburg,” Eva Kafsack mused to me as I had at a plateful of her divinely creamy chevre. Had I made a wrong turn at the sugarcane factory and ended up in a Monty Python sketch (“blessed are the cheesemakers…”)? Nein, mein Schatz, this very German-looking retired teacher sitting across from me, along with her former software entrepreneur husband Thomas, was the real deal: a goat farmer in the fertile “upcountry” of Maui. Sugar may once have been king hereabo

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Tourism in Baião offers the opportunity to celebrate the summer vacation with your near and dearest in one of Portugal's most beautiful villages. With a diversity of touristic activities, and cultural and sporting events throughout the village, there is always something special for every tourist to enjoy. Rural tourism offerings in Baião are a collective effort of municipality and private firms.

It's not just homey gastronomy and breathtaking landscapes. It's also an opportunity to try exciting a

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