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Kisumu a beauty

If you must – and you – must travel to Kisumu from Nairobi, try something different. The Kericho route is beautiful, what with the rolling hills covered in green tea plantations that look like a rich man’s lawn. But that is what everyone uses. Perhaps try branching off instead at Londiani. Pause for a minute to rest your feet from the pedals and let the market women and men swam your car with cobs of maize and a variety of fruits and vegetables and then proceed to Muhoroni.

Allow the sunset to ca

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The beautiful city of Victoria - actually the capital of this province - liesat the southern tip of Vancouver Island, just an hour's drive (and 90-minute ferry ride) from the city f Vancouver. Some of the highlights of this excursion include the ferry ride through the Gulf Islands, a stopover at the Fisherman’s Wharf to feed the seals, a tour to the downtown of Victoria, and a host of other attractions and activities to indulge in like the Royal BC Museum, Butchart Gardens, walking tours, and

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Bedbugs Bite, Hotel Reputations Fall

From NMT Images

The bedbugs keep biting, and the reputations and pocketbooks of hotels and inns are getting infected.

A couple of months ago we did a “trending spotting” piece on bedbugs, and the fact they were driving travelers and hotels management mad.

Now bedbug mania is front page, main stream news, with the Boston Globe headlining a piece on the critters.

The pests have an uncanny ability to hide in mattresses and crevices in bed coverings. They’re also amazingly adept travelers, hitching ri
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