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Riding Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh trail

The mountain paths of the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail offer visitors to Vietnam an adventurous alternative to the well-worn coastal route - especially if you travel on the back of a motorbike

It was more like a hamlet than a village. A simple collection of stilted wooden houses perched on the side of a mountain overlooking seemingly-endless rows of rice terraces, but even after a long and tiring day on the back of a motorbike passing through startling terrain it was hard not to be caught breathle
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Rennsteig - Germany's Oldest Hiking Trail

(I've always suspected people can be funny. This post is my most popular in terms of hits, as per Google Analytics. Can you spot why and tell me? It's a genuine mystery to me.)


The Rennsteig along the ridge of the Thuringian Forest in central Germany – in the south of what used to be the German Democratic Republic – prides itself on being the oldest hiking trail in Germany.

Gut Runst!

It is also the only trail which – as the official literature insists – has its own form of hiking etiquette: while

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Great Outdoor Days in LA


Join me at my blog or on for Great Outdoor Days in L.A. Posting.

These are power packed days that cleanse the psyche, rejuvinate the body and inspire the soul.

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