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Exploring Dubrovnik, Croatia's Gem

640px-Panorama_of_Dubrovnik.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x             Dudva

Sometimes you have to wonder if a destination you have heard about for years will live up to its reputation. This one definitely does - I have to tell you, Dubrovnik justly deserves its title "Pearl of the Adriatic."

I mean, where else can you find marble streets lined with baroque buildings all topped with red tile roofs? Add in that the whole pretty city is surrounded by intact city walls... and it's no wonder it's a favorite holiday destination for almost everyone who vi

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The Aragon region of Spain is filled with castles, cathedrals, monasteries, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites dotting the Pyrenees foothills, desert plains, fertile deltas, and the bustling city of Zaragoza. In addition to being a major cultural and agricultural powerhouse, Aragon's vineyards are renowned not only for their Tempranillo but for their venerated Garnacha's increasing popularity.


This is the land where Garnacha cultivation began in Roman times yet was under siege by market forces unti

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You have many opportunities for stepping back in time when exploring Connecticut's coastline. One stellar example is the Saybrook Point section of Old Saybrook Connecticut, situated at the confluence of the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound 100 miles equidistant from Boston and NYC. Before interstate highways and multi lane bridges dominated the transportation landscape, a railroad roundhouse marked the spot along with ferry docks that shuttled passengers across the river up until the 1920

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Hotels in Hanoi

Hanoi offers a range of accommodation with the majority of budget hotels located in the tangled streets of the Old Quarter. Outside of Hoan Kiem District, a handful of good four and five star hotels can be found. Beyond Hanoi, options are slightly more limited, but what is there is of excellent value.

We would like to recommend you some excellent Hanoi hotels as below:

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi: 15 Ngo Quyen Str; tel 04 3826 6919

This 1901 landmark was renovated by the French Sofitel company i

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