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An Encounter with a Humpback Whale and her Calf

The most amazing moment a photographer can dream of!

Work being slower than in prior years - fewer weddings, couple's shooting, and visitors in general - has allowed us to work on our underwater photography. We will be launching a evening aquatic shoot in September which will be available at several resorts here in Bora Bora. ⁠

With a strong interest in underwater photography, we were thrilled to have had three of our photos make it to the World

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Trip To Udaipur

I recently traveled to Udaipur- The Lake City of Rajasthan on a family trip. It was such fun and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. So, we started at night by train and reached the next early morning. We have booked our hotel and vehicle from home only. Then, we went hotel freshen up did rest and we went for the tour. It was the best two-day trip. We were first gone to Fatehsagar Lake. And there we enjoyed the view which was so beautiful. We also enjoyed the chaupati there. After that, we went to Sahel

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