Gir National Park

Welcoming thousands of tourists every year, Gujarat has its store to surprise travelers in its way. We will always have a special place for Gujarat in our heart because of the one and only Asiatic Lions staying in the Sasan Gir, the wildlife sanctuary, for a long, long time. opt for a Gir Online Booking before entering the park.

Travel freaks who want to trace back the ring roles of everyday struggles, Gujarat even cover up! You have also read in your textbooks of geography that this is the only place after Africa, where you can have a peek of the Asiatic Lions, though suffering from extinctions. Let’s have a look from the geographical perspective of the Sasan Gir.

Geographical Condition of the Region


The topography of the Gir National Park consists of a wide range of flora but diversified. There are evergreen and semi-evergreen trees, deciduous trees, mixed forest zone, and open and thorny scrubbed jungles and savannah Grassland. The eastern part of the Gir Forests mainly covered with teak trees, comprising half of the area; trees found in this region are Acacia, Banyan, Babool, Tendu, Jamun, etc.

Rivers flowing in this region and within the park are Shingada, Godavari, Datardi, Raval, Shetrunji, Hiran, Machhundri. Kamleshwar Dam is the only site in Sasan Gir, the ideal haven for many birds, marsh crocodiles, and rarely seen reptiles. It is also known as the lifeline of Gir. The latitudinal extent of Gir is 20° 40′ to 21° 50′ North while the longitudinal dimension is 70° 50′ to 71° 15′ East.


You will be surprised to know that Gir National Park has turned into a botanical locale, which embraces many researchers who come to this place for the multiple aesthetic, scientific and recreational values.

Ecological Importance of the Gir forest

Gir National Park supports unique and improved biodiversity that supports the excellent biological system. It includes 300 fledging faunas, 37 reptiles, 39 warm-blooded species, 2000 creepy crawly species, etc. The unending stretches of wood keep the climate very moderate, keeping the degrees of saltiness very low in the Gir Forest. The backwoods help energize the water table through penetration and decrease the dampens to occur and soil erosion.


Thus the timberland comes in a genuine endowment to enrich cultivation for farmers and agriculturalists living their livelihood in the fringe belts of the Sasan Gir Environ.

Well, this to acknowledge a little bit about the topography of the Gir National Park. Hence, this will help you to know more about this region. For the permit, go for Gir Safari Booking as a ticket to explore the inner core of the forest and nature.

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