A Sunrise Trek at Kunjapuri Temple in Rishikesh, India


Kunjapuri temple, a temple with spectacular beauty is located in Rishikesh. This temple gifts us with the Himalayan peak on the north and Rishikesh, doon and Haridwar to the south. This religious place has many visitors which usually increases at the time of “Navaratras”. The temple provides a paranomic view of sunrise and sunset from the Himalayan peaks.


Traveling towards Gangotri there is a place called Narendra Nagar. After about 6,7 km the road bifurcates at Hindola Khal which after 5 km leads to the temple. The temple is located on the Himalayas at 1650m above sea level.

Almost everyone who goes there does the sunrise trekking on the Himalayas. This is the best way to explore and embrace the Himalayan beauty. The trek helped to unfold stress, give peace and overcome depression. The trek drives a new source of energy by its cultural insights and beauty.


Many trip packages are available to check out and choose from for the trek. Each has different price ranges but most of them go in the same schematic way. The trek journey is usually hours journey. The sunrise trek starts in the morning around 5 am in the winters due to darkness, whereas in the summers it starts at 4 am. To start the trek we need to travel to Rishikesh. It takes 1-1 and a half hours depending on the route and mode of transport. Once we reach Rishikesh we the trekking starts. You have to travel 14 km before finally reaching the Himalayas.



While traveling we observe beautiful scenario of waters and hills. The views of high mountains like Swarga Rohini, Gangotri, Banner Punch, and Chaukhamba are breathtaking. While passing by you will see lush evergreen forests, villages, paddy leaves which will mesmerize you in its beauty. The place is an example of pure natural beauty.

There are chances to embrace the Himalayan wildlife like barking deer, leopard, marten and number of rare birds and insects too finally as we move towards the end we can relax at the Neelgarh waterfall. The place has fresh air and the waterfall free’s you from the tiredness.

Best time to visit:- In the middle of September or April.


  • As people normally go for trekking heavy luggage should be avoided.
  • Comfortable clothes which beat the winters during winter is necessary.
  • In summers relaxing and comfy clothes will do.
  • Wherever you travel a valid ID proof is must so that should be carried always.
  • Basic medicines for headache, body pains, and vomiting is a must.
  • Before traveling always take consultation from the doctor.
  • People having allergy from the sun must carry a sunscreen too.
  • Consult a good guide and check background and reviews to get clarity.


  • Drugs, alcohol and other forms of drinks should be avoided.
  • No jewelry should be carried to ensure own safety.
  • Bulky, heavy clothes
  • Firearms or weapons of any sort.

The sunrise trek of Kanjapuri temple is once a lifetime experience. People get to visit the temple as well as witness the Himalayan beauty. It revives your energy and the beautiful scenery itself drives you through energy. Planning for going to Kanjipuri temple must be done months before checking the availability of hotels, guide, planning routes along with other things to carry.

The weather may not always be nice which can lead to trouble, however, the tour policies try their best to make up for it. In case of cancellation, depending upon the days and price range cost is charged. However, there are rare cases of this happening but still a slight possibility. So do your own weather research and sort out things in an orderly manner to make this trip a memorable one.

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