Ringing the bell often is a big no

Well, it’s ok to ring the bell whenever you want something on a flight. However, ringing the bell often can help you get into their bad books. Suppose you are taking a long flight like a Flights to India from NYC. Now, while you are relax

ing and sitting comfortably on your seat, the flight attendant is serving passengers constantly.

Also, you are not the only one they have to look over on the flight. And thus, by doing this, you are only exceeding their work pressure for necessary reasons.

Dress for a positive impact

Well, if you think flight attendants are too busy with their job to notice you, you are wrong. The first thing that flight attendants notice while you enter inside the airplane is the way you dress. According to an experienced flight attendant, there are generally two types of people on an airplane.

First, the ones that dress create a positive impact and rate higher in flight attendants rankings. While there are the others that look, they have put on whatever they could find first. Thus, it is a good idea t invest in your airport look and try to create a positive impact.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to greet the flight attendants and share a smile to earn the extra brownie points.

Don’t look down upon them

Well, no one likes to be looked down upon and the same goes with flight attendants. Further, some passengers like to treat them as waiters and others think that their job is a cakewalk. Well, no matter what you believe, both are wrong in the case of flight attendants. Get the best deal on Flight ticket reservation.

First, the job of a flight attendant isn’t limited to serve you food and drinks, but it includes your safety as well. Also, being a flight attendant is never an easy profession and they have to go through rough training for it. Thus, thinking of it as easy or limiting their role isn’t the right thing to do.

They knew that airplane food is unhealthy

Well, this is a thing that no flight attendant will tell you, but they know how unhealthy the airplane food is. Further, airplane food is made up of processed fats, carbohydrates, excessive salt, and sugar with oil. Also, if you are a frequent traveler then you should know how airplane food looks like. Well, let us make sure that you know that the food has no vitamin, mineral, or good carbohydrate in it.

Also, being too greasy the airplane food can easily affect your gut health. And thus, travelers often face bloating, constipation, and other stomach problem during long flights. Further, to keep your gut healthy make sure you get a balanced diet on an airplane. And for this, you should carry lunchboxes filled with good food along with you like sandwiches.


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