Important Africa Holiday Tips

Even a million miles of travels start with just a single step, then another and another...until you can count no more of your safari steps. At the end of the travel, whichever type it was, be it an expedition to visit Africa to enjoy its adventures, or a short errand within your locality, one step is as important as the other. The best reference is from the Luo community in western Kenya, whose culture and traditional African heritage customary laws play a role in their day to day lives. They use three cooking stones to support the pot and two of which cannot function without the third one.

The excellent plan and rare spirit of the famous wildebeest to risk swimming in the crocodile-infested Mara river as they migrate from Serengeti plains in the northern Tanzania to Masai Mara plains is definitely admirable. The tag of war between their excitements to get the greener pastures either in Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya or Serengeti in Tanzania, and the hardship involved in the whole process of migration has always appeared to be a very big psychological torture to them. But they keep on with the migration journey every year! This is a vital tool that a traveler should keep first in a backpack before doing anything else:

Mental preparation and a strong spirit of adventure manifested in the lives of the wildebeests that enables them to dare crossing the sometimes rapidly flowing water and walk that far off distance in search of greener pastures. Even though they do it carefully with their heads above the water meniscus, drowning and attacks by the hungry camouflaged crocodiles and lazy hunters like the big Mara lions who take advantage of their tiredness at the bank of the river is a normal expectation. It is part and parcel of the risk and has never discouraged them from crossing the river back to Serengeti again, once they finish the vegetation in Masai Mara.

Some travelers visit Africa for tours and travels as a hobby, some do it because it is part of their career and that they get experience through adventure, yet a good number of volunteers would go on a safari so that they achieve two or more objectives at ago. Hence, a percentage of the money they pay for a safari would be translated into a donation to help the orphans and the poor. Evidently done by Adventure Panorama Safaris. The following are my pieces of advice to the dear travelers who would like to visit countries abroad especially Africa either for a budget camping safari, a luxury lodge safari, climbing Mount Kenya or trekking Mount Kilimanjaro or even participating in a volunteer work in one of the local orphan centers:-

Before you depart for any out-door activity, try as much as you can to get enough information about where you would like to visit to avoid finding yourself very odd and unprepared to tackle any challenge that you would encounter. Although being odd among a particular community especially in the rural areas is normal, it is a good idea to know roughly what to expect. Get information from recently published books, try to inquire from reliable Africa tours and travels companies and even contact friends who had been there before or who might have rough ideas pertaining to your expected country of visit.

Most countries especially in Africa are still third world countries and one should always expect a few inconveniences which can be avoided if detected in advance before departure for your safari destination. Among other problems you are likely to encounter is cash money problem. That is getting cash money from the automated machines is not very reliable because some machines don't accept some foreign cards. Most often than not, it is also not queer to visit some offices to settle your bills with plastic money, say for a Tanzania safari, only to be told that they don't accept cards. This however can be avoided by making prior arrangements with your safari or tour organizers so that you rest assured of what they are able to do and get information on the necessary steps to take. Most Kenya tour companies are very efficient and reliable and it is very important for you to identify the companies you choose to go on a safari with.

Your sense of humor is also very important as this will contribute a lot to the success of your adventure. Be friendly and cooperative to win the willingness of your tour guide to give you the best services possible.


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