A Blissful Moment with Humpback Whales in Bora Bora


An Encounter with a Humpback Whale and her Calf

The most amazing moment a photographer can dream of!

Work being slower than in prior years - fewer weddings, couple's shooting, and visitors in general - has allowed us to work on our underwater photography. We will be launching a evening aquatic shoot in September which will be available at several resorts here in Bora Bora. ⁠

With a strong interest in underwater photography, we were thrilled to have had three of our photos make it to the World Shoot-Out onternational competition this year in the shark category, and we intend to submit more photos next year! ⁠

Being slower also means we should take the time for us to enjoy Mother Nature! Life is not only about work and money, enjoying the moment is something many of us often forget.Taking photos of marine life is something I love doing, grateful to always have my wonderful vahine at my side. Animal photography takes patience and a good amount of luck in having the perfect situation, unlike a wedding or couple's  photo shoot, we cannot create the scene or situation for the perfect shot. We love photographing sharks, over the years here we got lucky a few times with the manta rays.


This week was time to give another try with the whales, and thanks to @boraoceanadventures , we lived a blissful moment this past Friday. ⁠

While the weather was a bit rough, their boat handles very well; an excellent captain and guide made it possible to capture unique images - a photographer's dream! ⁠The conditions could not have been better; while we had rough seas on the surface, we only had to deal with a slight current, which worked to our benefit. It allowed us to drift very calmly towards a mommy humpback and her calves, and we could see looking at us once in a while, but both remained unperturbed by our presence - it was almost she was enjoying the shooting!  She certainly was very calm, the young one playing around her sometime coming even closer to us; my heart was pumping, it was truly a blissful moment and a humbling experience.



We will share some more photos in the near future once done editing them, but in the meantime wanted to share this moment with our followers.⁠

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