Students often have difficulty writing essays. How to write? What should I write about? etc. - far from complete list of questions. Desperate, they even start looking for essay writing help.

There are many kinds of essays. And today I want to tell how to write a comparative and contrast essay. If you read an example of a comparative and contrast essay, you will notice that two objects, people, things or ideas were compared and contrasted. This means that their similarities and differences are emphasized. Their structure is quite simple, but still it is important to study them.

The structure of the comparative and contrast essay

An example of a comparative and contrast essay will have this structure:

  • Introduction. The opening paragraph is the first paragraph, and the author should clarify what contrasts and compares, and also writes a few basic lines. The introduction should be extremely interesting, so the reader is tempted to read the rest of your article. A good introduction sets the image that the product is of high quality. Usually in some examples of a comparative and contrast essay, good articles usually have some amazing fact, and so on.
  • Body: The similarities and differences that you have examined must now be compiled in several paragraphs, depending on the format you use.

There should be strong topics of proposals to present a pleasant discovery for the reader, and all paragraphs should be related to each other so that the essay would make sense. The reader must face some difficulties in order to understand the text that you have written, and that this correct language is used, and the text should be well-organized. In other words, the reader should enjoy reading your article and understand the reasons that you mentioned, for example, in the example of a comparative and contrast essay.

You must read the body critically, and the topic sentence should summarize the paragraphs of the main point or topic.
It's better if you show it to another person before sending or publishing your essay, because he will have another point of view and will evaluate you how good your article is.

  • Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize all the main differences and similarities, and the ending must be strong enough not to affect the reader. As you will see in the example of the quality of the comparative and contrast essay, the ending is always very strong.
    Similar words are often found in the example of a comparative and contrast essay: although, on the contrary, on the contrary, where, on the contrary, is, in the end, but in comparison with and in comparison, etc.

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