When going to London, Heathrow Airport is likely to be your entry point. Fortunately, this airport has one of the biggest special assistance services at any airport in Europe. The airport has a lounge style area in the terminal with a capacity to seat a number people. This area is fitted with bespoke chairs and soft furnishings for a quiet and calm environment. Here is a guide on what to expect when you expect special assistance on arrival through Heathrow Airport.


Who needs special assistance service

The most common health conditions that need special assistance include:

  • Visibility problems
  • Hearing problems
  • Hidden disability such as Alzheimer’s
  • Mobility problems requiring a wheelchair
    The airport staff will be there to help you make the journey through the airport as smooth as possible. Additionally, some people need fast track assistance to avoid the long queues at the various service points. In this case, you have to find a reliable company before your flight for a speedy experience through Heathrow Airport.

Booking special assistance

For assistance with a health condition, ensure to let your airline know in advance when booking. This should be about 72 hours to give them enough time to make special arrangements at the airport. Let the airline know if you move with own mobility aid like a wheelchair. The airline will make special arrangements for you before arriving at the airport. For a fast track experience through the airport, ensure to book with a professional meet and greet agency about 48 hours before your flight.

Special assistance at Heathrow Airport

Meet and greet assistance
This service is offered by private agencies for travelers looking forward to avoiding the long queues at a small fee. The Heathrow airport fast track service offers multiple benefits including an assistant waiting for you after getting off the plane. The assistant will have a name sign or company name to take you throughout the airport. You will get quick service through immigration, passport control, carrying your bags up to your airport transport service.

Airport special assistance desks

This is where you’ll find a dedicated airport team to help passengers with special needs assistance. On arriving at the airport, you’ll have to visit any of the assistance reception desks. These are located in various areas around the airport. You can find free special assistance desks on the terminal forecourts and near security.

Various special assistance telephones

If by any chance you can’t reach the assistance desks, you can use any of the special assistance phones. These are available in various locations around the airport for those who might need assistance. You can use any of these telephones to request for any form of assistance. Additionally, you can also use the telephone to make last minute bookings.

Traveling with own mobility equipment

For those moving with own mobility equipment  like mobility scooter, walker, or wheelchair, it’s important to let your airline know in advance. This allows ample time to arrange your way through to the departure gate. Moving with your mobility equipment allows a comfortable and convenient way through the airport.

Hearing impairment

Heathrow Airport offers induction loops to make a safe way through for travelers with hearing problems. You just have to look out for the ear symbol. Ensure to let the airport staff know you have a problem with hearing. This will make them let you know about any announcements made to ensure that you don’t miss anything important.

Sunflower lanyards

Do you have any disability that you wouldn’t want everyone to know? Heathrow Airport offers special lanyards for travelers like you. These make airport staff aware that you have a hidden disability. Therefore, they will always be at your service wherever you need additional support. This will ensure that you enjoy a smooth experience through the airport without revealing your disability.

Bottom line

Heathrow Airport has various services to cater to the needs of everyone regardless of your special travel requirements. Booking a meet and greet service is a smart idea to go through the airport without the rush of going through immigration and passport control. This comes in handy when traveling alone, with family, or in a team as long as you book at least 48 hours before your flight.

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