How to Complete Char Dham Yatra 2022 in 10 Days?

How to Complete Char Dham Yatra 2022 in 10 Days?

Everyone is aware of Char Dham Yatra, and this is the combination of four Hindu holy places; people visit these places for different purposes.
You can complete your char Dham yatra by booking Chardham yatra packages from Mumbai Chardham yatra packages from Hyderabad, but sometimes you have less time to visit, and you need to complete your Yatra in 10 days.

Then you have to take some initial steps to complete the Chardham yatra in 10 days.

You have to fix time, as you know that the best time for Chardham yatra is between November to April, so you have to take a vacation in between these months.
The most important thing is the departure and destination where you have to stey and form where you will start the journey. You have to book the Chardham Yatra package for this is the best suggestion.

Day First:- Get ready for your Chardham Yatra.

When you reach Barakat, the best destination to start your Chardham Yatra, you have to take all your essential things to form there and then take a night's rest in a hotel at Barakat.
Day Second: - Proceed to Yamunotri
Yamunotri is the first destination, from where you will start your Chardham Yatra. After traveling 6 kilometers, you will reach the temple of Goddess Yamunotri. Worship at this temple, visit another place near Yamunotri, and enjoy the whole day.

Day Third: - Proceed for Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi is your next destination in Chardham yatra. Travel 82 kilometers in 4 hours. After reaching Uttarkashi, you will spend your whole day visiting and worshipping Lord Visvanath. Here you can rest in the divine hotel palace, the most affordable hotel in Uttarkashi.

Day Four: - Reach Gangotri and Come back the same day.

Yes, this is where you will reach in the morning, take a dip in the holy river, perform worship at the temple, and come back and leave for Uttarkashi the same day.

Day Five: - Ready to enter Kedarnath, Base at Guptkashi


Travel 223 kilometers in 10 hours and enter the thrilling trek of Kedarnath. This trip is divided into two parts first, dip in Uttarkashi, and second, one is in Gupatkashi and spend a night here. Gupta Kashi is one of the best places to stay at night during Booking Chardham yatra packages 2022. Some affordable hotels are available, and it is a beautiful place.

Day Six: - Reach At Kedarnath

Now you are in the beautiful mountain of Kedarnath, Lord Shiva's place, and here you came for Puja and Darshan of Lord Shiva and other beautiful areas nearby this temple.
Day Seven: - Take leave for Rudraprayag.

Travel 80km in 4 to 5 hours and reach Rudraprayag, situated on the bank of two rivers, Mandakini and Alaknanda. Rudraprayag is the best destination for rest and leaves for Kedarnath and Badrinath.

Day Eight: - Now you reach Badrinath.


Now you reach in the early morning at Badrinath temple, the most beautiful and holy place for Hindu people. Complete your Puja Darshan at Badrinath temple. Here you can visit Mata temple, Bhim Pul, Narad Kund, and many other beautiful places.

Day Nine: - Now Take some Rest

Now you have visited all four destinations, and now you need to rest and come back to Rudraprayag, feel relaxing and look back whether you have missed something.

Day Ten: - Memories you Ten days

Now, collect the memories you have created in the journey and share those on your social media and friends.
At last, you have completed your Chardham Yatra in 10 days. By our guide, what you have found best in our blog, comment and tell us your feedback.