Is the student in elementary school or high school; he must know how to write a comparative and contrast essay. Below are some tips from writers of the company "500 WORD ESSAY", in which students can write these essays in an attractive way. These tips can be useful to a first-year student or a graduate student.

You must begin the comparison and contrast essay with the appropriate introduction. The introduction of the essay is similar to the foundation of a building. It must be strong and meaningful. He also needs to give a general idea of ​​the whole essay. The last statement of this essay should be the last statement of the thesis. This means that you should always finish the introductory paragraph with a sentence that explains the purpose of the essay.

After writing the introduction, you should focus on the main topic of the comparative and contrast essay. You should not deviate from the main point and do not beat about the bushes. Come straight to the point and explain it briefly and more accurately. Always remember, the simpler the essay, the easier it is for readers to read.

After that, you need to clarify some points from the first topics, and then describe some aspects of the second topic. Items should be clear, and the writer should describe each point separately. Otherwise, the comparison and the contrast essay will be nothing more than a hot stain of glasses.

After explaining the items separately, you must write two or three paragraphs in which you analyze these points. The writer should always connect the points in his essay. They should be well connected with each other, otherwise nobody will understand all the consequences of this.

After writing the analysis paragraph, you should write the final paragraph. This paragraph should be linked to your thesis, that is, it should show how you achieved the purpose of the essay through your evidence and answers. Once again, it should be concise, accurate and very well written. The conclusion and introduction of the essay always leave an impact on the reader's mind, so they should be written carefully.

Tips & Warnings
There are different ways of writing a comparative and contrast essay. You can also write similarities, and then differences in the topic after writing the introduction. It can also pave the way for writing a clear essay.

A comparative and contrast essay must be organized and accurate. It makes no sense to add unnecessary points only to increase the length of the essay. So be very specific of the points, and after you have written a comparison and contrast essay, go through it at least twice.

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