How can I check the flight status today?

How can I check the flight status today?

Being the national carrier of Qatar, Qatar Airways has an extensive international network for its flights. Offering a flexible flight schedule to more than one hundred international destinations. That’s among the major reasons why Qatar Airways remain the preference of passengers traveling from/to Qatar with Qatar Airways UK.

As a 3-star airline, Qatar Airways offers qualitative services for its passengers. The Star Alliance membership further helps it by providing an extensive range of air travel services.

So, if you are booking your flight with Qatar airways, you have complete control over it. That means not only you can change and modify your bookings as per your needs but also opt for flight cancellation and refunds if necessary. In addition, the airline also offers its passengers a real-time and efficient flight status checking and tracking system to minimize delays.

Here’s how you can check your flight status with Qatar Airlines.

Online method.

  • Visit the official website of Qatar Airways at
  • On the homepage, find the ‘Manage my booking’ tab and click on the ‘Timetable and Flight status’ option.
  • On the new page opened, enter your valid flight credential to get an overall flight status. Such as;
    • Your flight reference number.
    • Your flight route and destination.
    • Airport type i.e., arrival or departure flight
    • Date and time of the flight.
  • Click on submit/search option to retrieve the current flight status of your flight.

You can also check for the flight status at the official site of Qatar Airports’ arrival and departure page as well as through third-party flight tracking sites and aggregators.

Offline method.

You can also check for your flight status through a variety of offline mediums as well. For instance;

  1. Speaking to the representative of Qatar Airways over the phone.

Dial the official number of Qatar airlines’ relevant department according to your region type and speak to their official representative to check for your flight status by providing valid details of your pre-booked flights.

  1. Through third-party travel agents.

If you’ve booked your flight with the airline through a third-party travel agent, only your travel agent can contact and check for your flight status on your behalf. Therefore, for any such needs of yours, ask your travel agent.

  1. Visiting Physical offices and facilitation centers.

Last but not least you can also check your flight status by the traditional method of going to the physical facilitation centers of the airline in your locality and/or the facilitation booths present at the designated airports and making your request over the counter.

So, whatever medium works best for you, you can utilize it to get your current Qatar Business Class flight status checked easily and efficiently.


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