Sailing is not for anyone and everyone, rather one requires to be skilled for sailing and if one is not skilled then they can hire a skipper for the purpose. However, accidents and mishaps are not known and can come uninvited while you are in the middle of the sea. Here is when you will need to be prepared for a safe journey. So, it is always recommended that safety tips are followed by the sailors on board.


Make Your Yacht Charter Experience Full of Fun

The idea of going on a yacht chartering trip during vacation is always exhilarating for the yachting enthusiasts. And for those who seek something new and bold finds it amongst the most thrilling of experiences. Whether you are a first-timer or a veteran sailor, the excitement of renting or chartering a yacht is always uplifting and mind-blowing. The splashes of seawater hitting your face and the fresh wind caressing you gentling while you gaze at the stars that are blessing you from above is simply incredible and far from the repetitive life around. However, while you embark on a trip it is necessary that you follow all the safety measures to travel safely.



We will try to follow a few tips to stay safe while trip to yacht rental in Dubai.


Check the Weather Condition 

This is one of the most essential things that you must do before your embarking on a trip, no matter what is your travelling mode. Here in the case of yacht chartering, it becomes even more important knowing the fact that sea is not a frequently travelled destination and the unexpected danger it might put you through. The best time to sail in when the weather is clear and there is no wind or climatic disturbance expected. However, yachts don’t go out for sailing if the weather is not good and they wait for the weather to become favourable for sailing. And by chance, if you have booked a trip with yacht chartering company then it is likely that they will cancel your trip and reschedule it at a time when the weather is clear, only if you are willing to travel then. 


Follow Dress Code

Follow the directions given to you by the yacht company when you plan to sail. You should avoid wearing fancy dresses and stick to lightweight dresses or beach wear or casuals. Even your footwear should be light and comfortable. Avoid wearing pencil heels or any heel, rather wear waterproof footwear that has got a better grip as the surface might become slippery as the boat will be in the middle of the water. However, also carry warm cloths along with you when you travel during the winter season. Also, carry sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and hats to avoid direct sun-rays. 


Do Not Forget to Carry Your Medicines

Carry your essential medicines when you are out for a yacht chartering trip. If you have a problem with seasickness then meet your doctor in advance and tell them your seasickness problem. The doctor will prescribe medicine for the same. This way you can stop yourself from spoiling your trip. 


Avoid Overdose of Alcohol 

When you take an overdose of alcohol then you are not within your control, and it can lead you to accidents. To avoid any kind of untoward incidence, it is advisable that you keep your consumption restricted. Alcohol can lead to a very disappointing experience for not only you but your co-travellers too. 


Do Share Your Problems

While you are on a trip, it is essential you keep your skipper informed about your health issues if any to avoid mishappening. Crew members can take all necessary measures that are in their capacity depending on your health condition. So, do not hide your health problems. 


Follow the Safety Tips 

The captain of the yacht will provide safety tips before the trip starts. You should pay your attention when he speaks and shares the safety guidelines and the actions that you might have to take in an emergency. Make sure you not only listen to the tips but also follow them sincerely, whether it is about moving around the ship or about the lifejacket usage. 

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