Have You Ever Heard About Food Walks?


Food walks are the newest trend in the tourism industry. Most tourism company provides a culinary experience to those visiting a particular place for the first time. Even if you are not a tourist, it allows to gather some knowledge in the food history of various places and meet some very interesting people. Overall it is culturally enlightening.

What is a food walk, you ask! Well, it is a group activity or basically a walk through some of the famous food joints of a particular place. This usually promotes local food, street foods, old shops and joints that have been there for generations. This group is led by a local guide who also turns out to be a big food enthusiast! If you are on tour of India and want to visit the Red Fort then a food walk new Delhi is highly recommended.

During a food walk, you literally walk through a street lined with food shops and stalls. You see the variety of food products, fried, steamed or sweet dishes. You learn the techniques by the local chefs, you get to interact with them and absorb their skills. You must not forget to bring your camera on a food walk. The images of visually appealing delicacies are unforgettable. Never come on a full stomach too! You will miss out on all the delicious mouthwatering treats. This is one advantage that no food enthusiast would like to miss!

Benefits of a Food Walk

The biggest advantage of a new Delhi food walk is you get to try out so many varieties of food. Even when you are not so interested in the cooking techniques, you can always eat! You can learn about the history of a place. Sometimes shops are there for generations. You will probably meet third or fourth-generation owner who is responsible for running these shops. You will familiarize yourself with some of the local ingredients. As a tourist, the culinary culture of a place is very important. After all, no one wants to eat the same type of food when they are on a vacation! It’s all about exploration and new adventures and food walks are an adventure into the culinary culture.

The Process of a Food Walk

The walks are carefully chosen by food lovers and sometimes also professional food experts in a very strategic manner. It lasts for about 2-3 hours. The guide will help you walk through various eateries. Usually, there are various timing for a food walk. There are breakfast food walks that start early mornings. Lovely food like puri sabzi, chole bhature, kachori complimented with sinful desserts like jalebi can be experienced. There are evening walks where you can grab a can of masala tea with some fried veggie fritters. All food walks follow the basic model of a menu; the appetizer, the main course, and the dessert. You need not worry about the quality of food, as the guides will only take you to places that serves hygienic meals.

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