Another Fascinating Side of India: Gujarat State

Although not reckoned to be the most popular tourist destinations of India, the state of Gujarat has been consistently a magnet for a host of tourists from all over India because of its rich history, culture and traditions, and in fact has been growing over the past few years. So whether you travel to Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Lothal, Kutcch or any other major city of the state, there are premier travel websites available offering first-rate and available Gujarat tour packages on a shoestring.


Characteristically seen as an ancient abode of Lord Krishna, one of the most prominent gods of the Hindus, Dwarka was once the first capital city of Gujarat, and legions of religious-minded Hindu devotees and pilgrims come on pilgrimage to this city, where Krishna Janmashtami is a major event, is celebrated with much pomp and show. Two of its most famous sightseeing attractions are the ancient Dwarkadhish Temple and Jagat Mandir.



Akshardham Temple

Nestled in idyllic Gandhi Nagar Ahmedabad, Akshardham is visited by at least two million visitors yearly - mostly Hindu devotees. Its peerless Gujarati architecture that markedly sets it apart from other similar monuments in India. The glorious temple enshrines the idol of Lord Swaminarayan, the father of the Swaminaraya sect of Hinduism. So if you plan to go to Ahmedabad, make sure you do visit this well known temple.


The beauty and splendour of Girnar are beyond compare. This chain of mountains is more popularly known as the Girnar Hills and is equally popular among regular travellers and pilgrims from Mumbai and Delhi, drawn by its prominence in the Vedas and the scriptures pertinent to the Indus Valley civilization. Top must-visits include temples such as Dattatreya, Somnath, Goddess Ambe, and Rishbhadeva.



Retaining rich historical significance of Gujarat, Champaner is located in the Panchmahal district 47 kilometres from the city of Vadodara/Baroda. The site is fundamentally a centre in the mountains of unhallowed archaeological and living cultural heritage characteristics. The relics of the ancient past as well as the medieval past can easily be seen in the historical site of Champaner. These include vestiges, palaces, buttressing, religious and agricultural structures, residential precincts and water installations dating back to the 8th to 14th centuries. Major attractions here include Champaner Fort, Virasat Van, Hissar i Khas, the Kalimata Temple, and Mahmud Beghada’s fortress.


Somanth Temple in Gujarat is among the ancient and most famous temples of India. Somnath temple incidentally has brought about a significant event in the Indian history. It is, by long odds, the magnet for scores of Hindi religion followers because of having very rich religious significance from the ancient past. The history of the temple highlights that it has been encroached upon by a variety of foreign conquerors who entered into India with unfair plans and usurped the wealth and did away with a few of its parts. The Somnath Temple is a paradigm of the excellent architecture of ancient Indian temples.  This famous temple comprises twelve valuable Jyotirlingas, which have earned a huge essence of consecrated lingas in the Hindu scriptures.

Sabarmati Ashram

sabarmati-ashram-gujarat.jpg?w=300&width=300Sabarmati Ashram sited in Ahmadabad, Gujarat is an important and worth-seeing site that fundamentally emphasis on the eventful life of M.K. Gandhi and his contributions to India. Gandhi is one of the greatest personalities and freedom fighters of India. It is believed that Gandhi halted in the Ashram for an epoch i.e., from 1915 – 1933. Eventually, the ashram was declared  abandoned. The Ashram today showcases a variety of historical events and is a home to a variety of articles used by Gandhi. The articles include a writing desk, a khadee kurta, a yard spun and a handful of his key letters.

Saputara Hills


Saputara means “Abode of Serpent” is a verdure and seamlessly an amazing natural hill station place sited on atop of the Sahyadri cliff. The site is often visited by a lot of tourists during the tour in Gujarat and experience unlimited fun and pleasure. A lot of engaging waterfalls and the exuberant green forest maximize the attraction of the place mightily and without a doubt appeals to every visitor to a nicety. What's more, the vista of awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset along with pleasant climate will take your breath away. Saputara hills is a must have destination for nature lovers who want to get beatific peace with maximum fun along with their family and friends. It is an amazing weekend getaway, particularly during the monsoon season when humidity is prevalent there.

Gir National Park

gir-national-park.jpg?w=300&width=300Exploring Gir National Park gives you the wonderful opportunity to get in personal touch with the wildlife of India. It is an animal sanctuary where wild animals are let loose and are under conservation by law. Asiatic lions can be easily found roaming hither and thither here. As a result of the conservation campaign, a great growth in the population of conserved lions can be witnessed. Apart from Asiatic lions, a wide range of wildlife can be found here including as many as hundreds of different types of birds. If you wish to have a close look of the lions in person, the high time to visit the Park is between March and May. Safaris run on a regular basis in the Park.

Rann of Kutch


The Rann of Kutch is a wide barren and deserted land sited in the Thar Desert in the Indian State of Gujarat. The Rann actually stands for “salt marsh”, while Kutch is the name of the district in Gujarat where this region is situated. Being a swampy site, no human population dwells here. Rann of Kutch ranges within 10,000 square miles.

In spite of the aforesaid critical reasons, the barren land of Rann of Kutch organizes exclusive fun celebration and has been inviting a host of people from all over India with different castes and creeds to imbibe them in the design, culture and traditions whilst the combination of music and dance creates an unprecedented setting of fun and pleasure. This all collectively embodies the identity and liveliness of the region.  Thus Rann of Kutch, by long odds, is a hybrid land of arts, crafts, music, dance, people and nature and one must visit this site at least once in a lifetime while they are on an all-inclusive Kutch tour package.  So be a part of Rann utsave tour package and enjoy the utsav with other participants to the fullest.

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