5 Dishes You Must Try When in Goa, India

Goa is known for its variety of sand beaches, nightlife, trance parties and the mix of Portuguese culture. To add to the delight of a gastronome, this place also has great food to offer. Book your flight tickets instantly to enjoy some Indian-Portuguese mixed cuisine. If you have already planned or are planning to visit this Indian food paradise, we shall give you some food recommendations to try while in Goa.

  • Crab xec xec


As the name suggests, this popular Goan dish is made of crab. The thick curry consists of grated coconut. Strong spices like clove and tamarind are mixed to add a delicious taste to the curry. Crab xec xec is usually served with rice or bread.


  • Goan Fish curry or Xitti Kodi


Every Goa resident is a fan of Xitti Kodi making it the staple food of Goa. Though the dish is a mix of coconut and spices, the main ingredient includes Pomfret and a raw mango. Some chefs also use Kingfish instead of Pomfret and serve it with rice.


  • Shark Ambot Tik


This Portuguese influenced Goan dish is quite popular among tourists. The word ‘Ambot’ means sour and ‘Tik’ refers to spicy. The dish is perfect for spicy food lovers as red Kashmiri chillies are added as the spice and Kokum is added to make the dish sour. Before serving, shark fish is tossed in onions, tomatoes and spices giving an exotic flavour.


  • Chicken Cafreal


This spicy green coloured dish is sure to leave your taste buds craving for more. Shining green chillies, herbs and some spices are mixed together for the chicken masala. The chicken cafreal does not require anything to compliment but you can eat it with salad if you wish to.


  • Patolea


Patolea is a sweet dish made with red rice wrapped in tamarind leaves and filled with coconut, jaggery, and cardamom. All ingredients finally steamed for 20 minutes.


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