3 Interesting Catholic Churches in Goa


If you wish to explore the beauty of Goa to its fullest extent, you should definitely visit its Roman Catholic churches, built by the Portuguese colonizers beginning in the 16th century - not just places of worship but examples of beautiful architecture and peaceful surroundings.

Bom Jesus Basilica


This UNESCO World Heritage Site houses the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. Several tourists worldwide visit this beautiful church to witness these well preserved mortal remains. This Jesuit church is one of the finest representations of Baroque architecture. There are no rules in taking photographs at this church. You can capture the beautiful architecture of the church as memories for your way back home.

Se Cathedral


One of India's largest and also oldest churches, the Se was built as a victory celebration of the Portuguese ruler Afonso de Albuquerque for capturing a Goan city. This amazing church displays the Portuguese-Manueline architectural style, having Tuscan exteriors and Corinthian interiors. The Golden Bell inside the church is the largest of all churches in Goa.

Church of St Francis of Assisi


Boasting Barque and Corinthian architecture, this church is among the revered Roman Catholic churches of Goa. The church is home to two beautiful holy statues- one of the Christ and the other of St. Francis of Assisi. In addition, numerous paintings depicting the life of St. Francis of Assisi are displayed in the church. The carved woodwork and frescos add to the beauty of the church. To add to the uniqueness, this is the only church in Goa that has a museum displaying artefacts, sculptures, and paintings.


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