The Gir National Park is known as the sole home of the jeopardized Asiatic lion. One can encounter the sights of lions slinking freely in this woodland. These imperial Asiatic Lions are the sanctuary’s primary fascination, and vacationers from various pieces of the world come to investigate the wilderness and its inhabitants consistently. You can also go for a Gir National Park Booking to experience the way of survival of the wildlife habitat in the deep green jungle.

Gir National Park in summer (March-June)

Lasting from March to June, summer in Gir is extremely hot and humid. The temperature ranges between 28 degrees Celsius to 48 degrees Celsius. However, many tourists prefer this season suitable to travel to Gir. It is recommended to wind up all activities early in the morning of visiting the place because after that the hot wind starts blowing and becomes too miserable to wander about in the park.


Gir National Park in Monsoon (July-October)

The monsoon season is a little difficult for one to visit the jungle. After the hot weather of summer, animals protect themselves from rain by hiding under shelter. And for this, the sighting of the animals becomes more or less impossible for the tourist. It also becomes difficult to conduct deep safaris in this season. Due to the rain, Gir Park also remains closed from June to October; hence it is not the right time to visit Gir. 


Gir National Park in winter (November-February)

The best time to visit Gir is in the winters, as it is easy to spot the majestic lions in this season as they too love the mild weather. From the month of November till February, the climate remains pleasant, varying from 10 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius. The Gir climate, combined with the lavish greenery, makes this the best and ideal opportunity to visit Gir and enjoy different activities. During this time, Gir Safari Booking is a must to explore the variety of rich flora and fauna- the park’s popularity. The three-hour journey in the jeep with a professional guide makes your day the most memorable one. You can also include the Devaliya Park in your itinerary during your visit to Gir.


To experience every nook and cranny of Gir forest, the winter season is the best time for the tourist to come to the National Park. The weather remains calm and pleasant both for the animals and visitors. You can also see many migratory birds during winter, which is a bonus for many photographers and tourists.

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Gir National Park Booking

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