When we are about to travel by plane we conduct a  several activities like approaching the check-in area, where a staff member expects us to handover a boarding card, and drop off our baggage. After passing through security checks, we reach at the boarding gate, where another staff member ensures that our boarding card is in proper order. In addition, another staff member takes us to the aircraft. In the intervening time, other employees have filled the aircraft with fuel, other workers have offered the catering, and the luggage has been laden onto the hold.

All these workers and employees, who perchance remain hidden by most passengers, belong to what is known as ground handling. To be more precise these are the servicing of an aircraft on ground, i.e., when it is parked on the terminal gate on an airport.

A variety of such services is included in ground handling. Some of them are listed below:

  • Check-in
  • Boarding
  • Ramp handling
  • Upkeep
  • Cleaning
  • Fuelling

Jet Business Solutions offer one of the best ground handling services. We help in having successful operations in and out of by providing satisfactory Iran Ground Handling on the airport. We have a team of highly qualified and well-trained ground staff in Iran that provides you adequate information of the places and understanding of the terrains. JBS has an excellent relationship with the Iranian authorities, which builds on faith and a high level of competence they have shown over the years in their dealings with them. 

JBS is having the understanding and experience of the localities of some of the most distant locations around the world. It has been formed with the dream of offering personalised solutions to private and commercial aviation operatives.

Some of the services offered by JBS:

Fuel service: JBS provide customers with planned fuel buying information only after examining a series of zones for obtainability and pre-brief the inexpensive dealer in each location.

Transportation: JBS also arrange transportation services and airport/hotel transfers in order to meet the standards of each operator. It completely depends on the location and the nature of the transportation needed.

Flight Planning: Flight planning is an initial step required to be taken before starting any flight.  Varying on the purpose of the flight, type of aircraft, and payload to be transported, JBS make best routings with the ideal locations for fuel stops building your operation safe and well organized.

To get detailed knowledge about JBS, visit http://www.jbs.aero/


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