Have you ever thought of replacing the boring city skyline that greets you to work with something more fresh, natural, and scenic? Consider visiting Costa Rica, the country where the mountains, forests, waters, and wildlife create a symphony you will treasure forever. If you love meeting exotic animals, Costa Rica has that too. The rain forests alone are home to 230 or more animal species. A vacation villa in Arenal Hills in the beautiful Arenal gives you access to a lifetime of fun and adventure. Here are a few animals and birds you may meet in your next nature safari in Costa Rica:


If you love cats, you will absolutely adore the cuddly ocelots roaming in Costa Rica’s verdant forests and national parks. It belongs to the leopard family and is a voracious hunter of the jungle. The animal looks graceful with its svelte patterned coat and round ears. If you are lucky enough, you may even spot them climbing a tree to look for their feast. Their huge feet and lightweight body make them great tree climbers. Make sure that you venture into the forested areas with an experienced guide to get a glimpse of the aggressive ocelots. These nocturnal cats are double the size of a typical pet cat and look beautiful in their natural habitat. You will notice these animals wandering in La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Vara Blanca, known for the beautiful waterfalls and these dwarf leopards.

Furry White-Headed Capuchin

The white-headed Capuchin monkeys are fun to watch. They won’t fail to entertain you as they swing from the tree branches or travel in groups of up to 40 members. While you are busy photographing them, don’t forget your lunchbox. These monkeys are notorious for ‘robbing’ tourists of their food. So hold on tight! And in case you are wondering why that face seems familiar, we might know the reason. You have seen a Capuchin in the popular TV show Friends, playing Marcel, Ross’s adorable pet monkey. Fun fact: did you know that they are also pretty health conscious? You can often see these furry creatures rubbing medicinal plants or herbs over them. Probably, this is the reason why the white-headed Capuchin monkeys live longer, many of them living for more than 54 years.

Big-Beaked Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan

Toucans look impressive with their bright colors and huge beaks. If you are exploring the tropical forests of Costa Rica, you will notice these yellow and chestnut colored birds calling ‘yo-yip, a-yip, a-yip. Though the brilliant Toucans have a big bill, they thrive mostly on fruits. However, they also feast on small snakes and insects if they manage to prey on them. These exotic birds roam in the forests of Costa Rica in flocks of 12. Spot them easily on the tree branches with their bright deep maroon and bright yellow colors. The mandibled is known for their brilliant appearance and is the second largest Toucan species in the world.

There is magic in the way Nature has carefully adorned every little detail of Costa Rica. Why else would more than 1.7 million tourists (Source: Embassy of Costa Rica in Washington DC website) visit the country every year? Many even decide to make beautiful vacation villas like Arenal Hills their second home. Buying a property in Costa Rica is easy because of the straightforward property laws that allow even a foreigner purchase property in the country. Plus, a vacation home here gives you access to the untouched beauty of Nature all your life. You can just pack your bag and leave your everyday life for an experience that will thrill you every single day.