Exciting Jerusalem Day Walk Tours


The Jerusalem walking tours will take about twenty minutes, though there is so much to see here that one may take as long as four hours to cover the attractions and linger longer in the places that offer spiritual enlightenment. 

A typical Jerusalem walk tour begins from Agron. You will go through the neighborhood south of Rachavia, where many immigrants who are a mix of Anglos and Israelis speak English. When you continue on the walk, you reach the Mamila Mall, an open air shopping area that has been recently opened in the Old City. 

Agron slopes downwards from King George Street. You will pass Atzamut Park when you walk towards Old City. In 1948, this park got its name just after the War of Independence. Many holiday activities and events are conducted in this park. In the summer of the last year, Aviva Shalit and Noam walked across Israel and completed this event at this park to protest for their son’s release. Thousands of top musicians from Israel supported this walk. 

The complex of the US consul is situated opposite this park. The property is guarded all around. The security officials can be seen roaming around the area carrying long poles with mirrors that are attached to the end. This is to make sure that no explosive devices pose a threat to cars. An old grave yard, named Mamila, sits incongruously in the area marring the looks of the new developments being carried out. 

The Mamila mall comprises of an open air center for shopping and has many restaurants, modern shops, art displays and architectural structures. People can view the old building that has since been disassembled before reassembling. This building has numbers in red and black on every brick which indicates the placement of each brick when re-building. 

Ramon is one of the popular restaurants in the mall. One can sit under one of the huge white umbrellas that protects from the sun and view the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem and enjoy a quiche. If you climb up a few stairs, you will reach Jaffa Gates which is one of the main entrances to the Old City. 

You will need a whole day to make this enjoyable trip and most companies offer guided Jerusalem tours that will help you cover most of the attractions within a short period. Although tired by the end of the day, you will feel spiritually rejuvenated and blessed!