After peak season autumn in Nepal, winter season begins in. Everest base camp winter season is pleasant and peaceful than the other season trek in Nepal. This is the off-season trekking and coldest season of the year trekking in Himalayan Everest region trek. However, you enjoy the trekking with having a beautiful nature and crystal clear snowcapped mountains.

Despite the cold during the day time in Everest base camp trek sunny and warm. Although the night and morning weather is cold, it should not bother because you will be indoor.

If you want individual and pleasant trek winter will be perfect for them. During this season few trekkers along the way and you can get accommodation and foodservice easily. You can also get some discount along the trek for the accommodation and food service.

Trekking in winter you will get fantastic views of the mountains. You may not enjoy such glorious and scenic views in any other season but in the wintertime. However, if you choose the Everest trek in the winter season, few things are considered.


Everest Base Camp Winter Trek Weather and Temperature  

Winter is the coldest season of the trek in Nepal. Everest base camp trek weather is stable and dry during winter season trek. However, the temperature will change drastically from day to night time in the Everest region trek. The Everest base camp (5380m) temperature will be around -17 degrees Celsius. There will add a risk of strong wind and make your journey harsh. Moreover, you will enjoy the stunning beauty of nature and the Himalayan range. 

During a sunny day, the temperature will be around 4 degrees Celsius (39℉). At the same time, the temperature will be falling down -17 degrees Celsius during night and morning time. You might be experiencing the fluctuation in temperature during night and day time Everest base camp winter trek. 

In winter season trek you will experience the occasional snowfall along the trekking trail. You will continuity your trek after a stop of the snow. If you bring a trekking pole, it will be easy to walk in a snowy trekking trail. 

Trekking in the winter season is for those who are looking less crowed and can handle the cold weather during the trek. 

We can’t predict the weather condition in higher altitude trek. A sudden change of weather makes your journey trouble, but you have to proper preparation of the trekking gears and equipment as per the trekking season.  

Here’s a detail of the Everest Base Camp Trek Temperature in winter. 

Place  Elevation level       Max temp    Mini temp   Avg temp

Lukla  2,829 m/ 9281 ft.  8.5°C  -2.8°C            2.8°C

Namche 3,463 m/ 11,361 ft.  -3°C        -10°C  -6°C

Dingboche 4,483 m/ 14,708 ft. 1°C         -15.3°C          -7.2 °C

Lobuche 4,910 m/ 16100 ft.-1.1°C       -18.3°C          -9.7°C

Gorakshep 5180 m/ 17000 ft.-2.1°C   -19.6°C          -10.9°C


The altitude of Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest base camp trek is the dream destination from all over the world. If you want to witness the high altitude landscape Everest base camp trek is perfect for those who are adventure lovers. The trek begins from the capital city Kathmandu 1340m and flies to Lukla. You will drop at the Lukla the elevation of the trek is 2860m from the sea level. And the Everest base camp elevation will be around 5365m.

Further, you are heading towards Kalapatther 5545m is the highest point of the trek. Here you enjoy the magnificent close views of Mt Everest and many more mountain peaks.

Yet some of the altitude of the place listed below across the Everest base camp trek, if you want to extend your trip as per your choice.


Place                        Elevation

Namche Bazaar      3441m

Tengboche              3860m

Dingboche              4410m

Lobuche                 4940m

Gorekshep               5164m

Everest Base Camp   5364m

Kala Patthar            5545m

Packing list of Everest Base Camp Winter Trek

As you trek in winter season you might be suffering from cold weather, you have to ready heavy backpack. You have to wear warm clothes to safeguard your body from the cold weather. Make sure the warm clothes that keep you warm and away from the chill winter.

Here is the list of trekking equipment Everest base camp trek in the winter season.


  • Sun hat or cap
  • Warm hat or cap
  • Sunglasses (UV)


Upper Body

  • Hiking T-shirts
  • Light thermal tops
  • Fleece jacket
  • Down jacket
  • Pullovers or sweaters
  • Fleece windshield jacket
  • Waterproof jacket



  • Inner layer gloves
  • Warm outer-layer gloves
  • Waterproof outer layer gloves


Lower Body

  • Breathable undergarments
  • Light trekking pants
  • Warm trousers/ pants
  • Water/windproof pants



  • Light inner socks
  • Warm trekking socks
  • Strong trekking shoes with spare laces
  • Sport shoes
  • Sandals or flip flops
  • Gaiters



  • Sleeping bag (-10C)
  • Headtorch with extra batteries
  • Trekking Bags/Duffel bag
  • Day Backpack
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra plastic bags
  • Trekking sticks
  • Water bottles
  • Ear plug



  • Quick-drying towel
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Soap and Shampoos
  • Deodorants/Body spray
  • Face/Body Moisturizing cream
  • Wet wipes/tissues
  • Toilet papers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Female toiletries products

Miscellaneous (optional)

  • Camera
  • Books
  • Playing cards
  • Binoculars
  • Guide Book
  • Pillowcase


Advantage of Everest Base Camp Trek in Winter

Fewer Crowds

Winter is the off-season trekking in Nepal. So few trekkers only joining the winter season trek and the trekking trail is less crowded. If you do not have any problem with the cold weather as well as are you looking pleasant trekking trail? Winter season will be a perfect time to trek in Nepal.

Awesome Vivid Views

You enjoy the astonishing snowy mountain views during the winter season trek. You can get the unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape and nature. On this Everest base camp trekking trail, you will cross the flat meadows. Also, you can get spectacular snow peaks.

Along the trekking trail, you like the places Namche Bazaar, Kalapather, Khumbu glacier, Everest Views hotel. In winter season these places offer the stunning views of nature and snowcapped mountains.

It is also the best time to take the perfect photo shots of the landscape and Himalayan range.  You have the best opportunity to explore nature with very few trekkers. Hence, you have more time fun with nature and the best photographs of the crystal clear mountain range.

Choice of Flights and Accommodation

Unlike the peak season, the winter season trekking trail is not crowed by the trekkers. Off-season trek very few tourists along the trekking trail. You had an opportunity to get the choice of mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla abundant sets.

Everest base camp trek is also based on tea houses accommodation and food service. Many tea houses provide the best accommodation service during winter season trek in Nepal. They will provide the best individual as per the guest choice based on hospitality service. You will get extra mattresses and blankets service during winter season trek. The tea houses offer warm and comfortable accommodation to their guest.

Snowfall and Skating

Winter season is the snowfall time in the Everest region trek. You will get the chance to enjoy the snowfall along the trek. Also, you have an opportunity to skating at higher altitudes in the world. It will be great fun with enjoyment for the memorable journey in your lifetime.

Exotic Mountain Trek Experience

Winter season trekking offers the exotic mountain trek experience. You can enjoy the amazing views of the snowcapped Himalayan range. If you want different experience during a trek in Himalayan region winter season also provide uniqueness of the trek. You are amazed by the beauty of nature with fabulous snowy mountain peaks.

Discounts and Complimentary Services

Winter is off-season trek in Nepal. So you can find a cheaper and better deal of the accommodation, food, flight service during the Everest base camp winter trek. You enjoy the trip with a discount service provided by the trekking company too. Instead of discount some of the lodges and tea houses offer a complimentary service.


The disadvantage of Everest Base Camp Winter Trek

  • In the winter season, due to the harsh cold weather and snowfall, the high pass trek remains close Cho La Pass trail and Mera Peak climbing.
  • Trekking in Everest base camp during winter days are shorter. Thus you have to start your journey early in the morning to reach your destination on time.
  • Winter season trek in Everest base camp weather is getting better and pleasant during day time. Moreover, the night temperature will be drop freezing point sometimes -20 to -30 degrees Celsius.
  • If you are not having proper acclimatization can take time to adjust with the new environment at higher altitude trek. Beware of the altitude sickness during EBC trek.
  • Sometime you might have to back as a result of the heavy snowfall and hurricane winds in higher altitude trek.


Tips of Everest Base Camp Winter Trek

  • Wear warm clothes to keep your body warm. You can do that ware layer of clothes.
  • In cold your body tends to burn more calories. So you must keep up your body with food intake. It is the key to avoid the body of other altitude concerns.
  • If you are climbing high altitude and avoid altitude sickness you should proper acclimatization.
  • Don’t forget to drink water during the winter season trek. Drink plenty of water. It will make your body hydrated and away from the altitude sickness.
  • Avoid uses alcohol and smoking. It will make your body dehydrated and a chance of suffering altitude sickness.
  • Hire a trekking guide and porter will help you along the trek in a difficult situation. Walk together with your group, guide, and porter.
  • Always keep communication with your family and friends and let them know about your whereabouts.
  • You can explore the option while starting an Everest base camp trekking trip. If you are looking luxurious trip you can try Everest base camp trek with helicopter return. It will save you time as well as you won’t have to go through the extensive trek.
  • When you trek in the winter season you might be delay or cancellation your flight because of the bad weather. Thus you have to come with a few couples of spare days for the unexpected situation.
  • Since in winter, the days are shorter, it will wise to start early in the morning to reach your destination on time. It will be dark immediately after the sunset.

Accommodation and Food EBC Winter Trek

Everest base camp trek can be possible throughout the year. The trekking trail based on tea houses accommodation and food. The tea house offers twin sharing accommodation. If you are trek during peak season you will not get the best accommodation as you choose because of the crowd of trekkers. However, you can easily find the accommodation during winter season trek in EBC. You can get extra blankets and mattresses because of the offseason trek. Also, you will get some discount offers on accommodation and food along the trail. 



There is no denying that winter season is cold and it can be challenging. If you are a novice or beginner it will be a difficult time to trek in winter season in Everest base camp. Also, it is difficult and challenging who do not prefer cold weather.

Yet, if you are heading towards higher elevation cold is extreme and very difficult to walk and became impossible. However proper preparation of trekking gears and equipment as per the trekking season, you can successfully accomplish the destination.

Do you love pleasant trekking trail, you will enjoy the thrilling beauty of nature during winter season trek in EBC. The Everest base camp winter trek is definitely rewarding.  

Do you have any queries please feel free to write an email or contact us?

Namaste from the lap of Himalayan country Nepal!!!


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