Everest Base Camp Trek is undoubtedly the most exciting and popular treks of the world. The Everest Base Camp trek leads to the historic way to the world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest. Humans are so connected towards nature and mountains from a very early age. Especially,the mountains that stand tall and shine in every circumstance. And there is no more pleasure than standing in a place surrounded by such enormous beauty. I’m sure the great Everest Base Camp trek is in the wish list of many people. For, there is no other heavenly way to explore the hidden beauty.

The magnificent Everest Base Camp Trek is filled the sizzling mountains, green hills, beautiful flowers, dense forests and many more. It is highly rich in natural beauty and bio-diversity. Known as the most popular and dangerous trek, the Everest Base Camp Trek is a must-visit place for every single individual. The beautiful sceneries of mountains, rare plants and wildlife’s, green and pollution-free environment is enough to add memories to your life. This trek will provide you the exclusive stunning view of the great Mount Everest. The hospitality and company of world-famous Sherpa people and cultural diversity of various ethnic groups has made this place even more heavenly and exotic.

Followings are some of the reasons why EBC trek should be your next destination:

  1. The adventurous flight to Lukla

The flight to the amazing Lukla is an adventure in itself. Also Known as Tenzing-Hillary Airport, it is considered as one of the most dangerous airports of the world. It is situated at the elevation of 2860 meters. It lies only 9500 meters above the sea level making it even more dangerous. Being on such is an exciting adventure on its own. The Lukla airport is surrounded by the green hills. Your journey to the amazing Everest Base Camp begins already when you enter the Lukla Airport.

Being in this Lukla Airport will only make you feel so confident and happy. You can explore the hidden beauty of this dangerous yet heavenly place.

  1. Base of World’s tallest Mountain

Mount Everest is the historic mountain. Conquering this mountain has been the dream and ambition of many. It is not only associated with the adventure but also with the achievement. But it is not possible for everyone to climb this tallest Mountain and be on the top. However, you can still fulfill your dream by being at the base of this amazing Mountain. There is no other beauty like this and nothing else can boost your self-confidence like this journey.

You get to set your name among the only few people who aren’t scared of risks. Thos people who dare to make their life much more meaningful.

  1. Explore the Sherpa Culture

Sherpa’s are famous worldwide. They are the one who guide you through these heavenly mountains. They are the ethnic group that has made Nepal proud ever since long time. Their leadership style known as Sherpa leadership is famous and is even studied in different universities. By being at the Everest Base Camp, you get to explore the Sherpa Culture as well. The daily lifestyle of these and various other ethnic groups is definitely a new experience to you. Also such experience will broaden your horizon of thinking and expectations from life.

  1. Mixture of culture, adventure and natural beauty

There is no other place like theEverest Base Camp. The journey to this amazing place goes through the routes full of temples, monasteries, forests, bio-diversity and many more. People of different culture and ethnic groups are always there to serve you. There are mountains and green hills and sizzling landscape around the area. Surrounded by the natural beauty and the rich culture, you will never want to leave the place.

It‘s a complete blend of culture, beauty and adventure, and all in one place.

  1. Namche Bazaar

Another major attraction of Everest Base Camp Trek is the beautiful Namche Bazaar. This is a small city filled with people of different culture and ethnicity. It provides the most amazing views of the sizzling mountains.  It is a beautiful destination where you don’t even want to close your eyes for once. Namche Bazaar is rich in spectacular views of the snowy White Mountains, accompanied by the green hills and terraces. It has been the best spot for many tourists getting towards Everest Base Camp.

You can also buy the souvenir for your journey and keep it with you always, from Namche Bazaar.

They say if you want to make your life more beautiful, invest on experiences not on materials. And visiting the Everest Base Camp will make you feel like you have uplifted your life in many ways.

Major Routes for Everest Base Camp

Now lets us provide you the clear and concise Everest Base Camp Trek Guide. There are some of the major routes, by which you can get to the Everest Base Camp. However, the route you take depends on the total days of your journey, the expenses you can afford and your health conditions.

  1. Direct route from Lukla

It is the most used and best route for Everest Base Camp. Once you reach to Lukla, you will be surrounded by the amazing view of beautiful mountains, glaciers and many more. It is known as the classical trek of the Everest Base Camp. This route goes through the Lukla, then the Namche Bazzar, to the Khumbu Region. You will reach to the specific place of this region Tengboche and then the Kalapathar. And once you reach the Kalapathar, the Everest Base Camp will be below you. This route is considered simple in comparison to others, which is why we included it in our Everest Base Camp Trek guide.

It is also the easiest way to enjoy the most exciting and adventurous EBC trek.

  1. Chungchung Valley

It is known as another classic way to go on Everest Base Camp Trek. Chungchung valley is full of mountain views, Glaciers, spring falls, rivers etc. You can also take a break from the journey and rest at the valley. You can find various accommodations in these places. This trek goes through the Kongma Laa Paas, taking you to Lobuche. It is even much more exciting trek as the passes go high above the Everest Base Camp.

  1. Way through the Gokyo Lakes

This is another mesmerizing route towards the Everest Base Camp. As its name suggests this route goes through the amazing lakes surrounded by the amazing hills and mountains. The views you get in this route are to die for. You can enjoy the heavenly natural scenarios along with your trek. To go through this route, you take your journey towards west from the Namche Bazaar. This way goes though the small beautiful villages, mountains, exotic lakes and the amazing landscapes. This route is so beautiful that people just go to visit this route only, not just to reach EBC.

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek through Jiri

It is another trek that is pursued by many people. It is even much famous because, you can join this trek by taking 8-9 hour drive from Kathmandu.  You can then reach the village Jiri, and start the Trek. It is also suitable if you are on a tight budget. This route is filled with the great views, natural beauty and cultural values of Sherpa people. It is a silent and exotic way to reach Everest Base Camp. You can trek through the spectacular terraces and farms and go through the base of great Himalayas. This trek will feel you like the piece of heaven.

So, these are the some of the major routes followed by many people to reach Everest Base Camp. These routes are extremely beautiful and special in their own way. Each of them has their own uniqueness and beauty. They might have some difference in the time taken to reach the base camp. Not only these, there are various other routes as well. Some of them are from Tumlingtar, three passes trek etc. So as you see, you have many options to decide upon the Everest Base Camp Trek and how you want to reach there.  You can take any of these routes to begin your trek. It depends on your choices and the days you want to spend on travelling.  From anyway, you will reach your final destination and that will always be the most beautiful Everest Base Camp. Reaching to these places will make your journey complete and trek successful.

 Things to consider

  1. Cost

The cost of Everest Base camp trekhighly depends of the route you take and the time you want to spend there. The general cost of trekking to Everest Base Camp, ranges from $1000 to $3000. The cost excludes the cost of Visa and other permits, personal expenses and your other personal materials. These cost include all the costs of your travel to Everest Base Camp, the cost of guides, food and accommodation. You can go on the Everest Base Camp Trek by yourself as well, but your cost will be a lot higher if you do so.

  1. Health

Definitely your health is the most important aspect. Trekking to Everest Base Camp can never be a joke. It might be the most exciting trek but at the same time it is a lot more dangerous as well. So before you begin such journey make sure you are physically and mentally fit. You should be patient enough to deal with critical situations and work in a team as well.

  1. Weather

Weather in Himalayas is the most attractive aspect. But at the same time it can be most dangerous as well. Sometimes the weather might get extreme making it difficult for you to trek and even making you sick. Such weather is hard to predict however, make sure you check all the weather forecasts on the base camp before you begin your trek.

  1. Trek route

As explained in the above Everest Base Camp Trek guide, there are many routes to visit it. You can go to the Everest Base Camp in many ways. So whichever you select, you should be clear about the route and its map. It helps to avoid any kind of confusion during the journey.

  1. Required materials

You also need to consider various required materials before going on a trek. You should backpack according to the weather and other aspects. You should carry the major things that might be required like trekking shoes, warm clothes, munching items, sunblocks, etc.

These are the basic things to consider before you go on a trek to Everest Base Camp. You should be very careful about all these because you don’t want to spoil your precious trek over little things. Apart from these, there are various other aspects also like the people you are traveling with, the language aspects and various others.


So, this Everest Base Camp Trek Guide provides you with all the necessary information you might need before trekking. From the major attraction of Everest Base Camp or the reasons for trekking severest base camp to the most important trekking routes. It provides you all the major information you might need.

Everest Base Camp trek is not just the journey to explore. It’s a gateway to the masterpiece of nature. The beauty of Everest Base Camp is incomparable to anything else ever found on the earth. This spell bounding place is the reason why many people want to travel and fall in love with the graceful beauty of nature. It is not just a onetime pleasure. It is a lifetime memory and the achievement of one’s life. So, this time why not take some time and explore this breath-taking place. And make your life much more meaningful and precious. Get connected to nature and find solutions to all your problems and live a happy life.



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