Situated in Gujarat’s Junagadh district, the Sasan Gir National Park is one of the most admired tourist spots in India. Over the years, it has achieved more popularity as it is the only home to the endangered Asiatic lions. To spot the beauteous royal cat, tourists from all over the nation and abroad visit the forest every year at a large number. 


The Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is truly a paradise for the lovers of nature and wildlife. The place includes many activities that you cannot afford to miss when you’re here on a family vacation. Here’s what you should consistently go for, and how to make the trip a memorable one for a lifetime. 

Sasan Gir Safari

Gir Online Booking is the first and foremost thing you should sign up for. The safari offers you catching sight of the majestic Big Cats walking alongside the jeeps.

Gir Lion Safari consists of a jeep, an experienced guide, and an expert driver who would know how to drive the vehicle at a slow pace so that it does not end up frightening the lions or provoking them to attack. The safari takes place around the interpretation zone of the Gir Forest, charging Rs. 5300/- for one jeep, which can allow a maximum of 6 persons.

The timings for Gir Safari are 8 AM to 11 AM and 3 PM to 5 PM.

Bird Watching in Gir Forest

Observe the birds within the boundary of the Gir forest map at their natural best. Gir is home to some rarest species of birds. Besides, several migratory birds fly down every year. If you’re a bird-watcher, Winter is your time for a visit to Gir.

Shopping Tribal Handcrafted Items

You can get yourself indulged in picking some colorful Gujarati clothing items and handcrafted decorative items at the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary’s entry and exit gates. Trust us or not, this retail therapy is something that you need.

The Eccentric Tribal Festivals

Siddhis and Maldharis- the two tribes in Gir Wildlife Sanctuary organize some striking festivals to let the visitors join. You shouldn’t miss this at any cost, as the experience allows you to know about their traditions and rituals. Also, how can you afford to ignore the phenomenal folk-dance performances and the lip-smacking local dishes?

Crocodile Breeding Center in Gir National Park

A visit to this place lets you understand the importance of conserving the scary yet beautiful and adorable reptiles. Gaining an experience about how the crocodiles are bred is doubtlessly one of the top things you shouldn’t miss when you go for a Gir Forest online booking.

So, this was the check-list for you. Plan your trip-schedule according to the list so that you don’t end up missing any part of the un-ending amusement that the place offers.

Gir Safari Booking

Gir National Park 

Gir Online Booking 

Gir National Park Booking

Gir Jungle Trail

Sasan Gir

Devalia Safari park 

Gir Forest

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