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It is safe, fun and rewarding traveling to Kenya and Tanzania with children in natural way. Kenya Family safaris allow parent's to experience the look of wonder and excitement on their children's faces as they lay eyes on a lion for the first time or make new friends in an African village like Masai Mara. Ultimate Africa Travel promises a kenya family safari of a lifetime; the perfect idea for a Kenya family holiday.

 Many Kenya Family Safari Lodges offer a host of fascinating and entertaining activities for children from as young as three years, bringing alive the magic of a kenya family safari. Every minute is supervised by rangers and camp staff, who provide hours of amusement and invaluable information to the children in their care.

Our specially designed kenya children's safari programmes teach children to appreciate and preserve our planet.

 family.JPGfamilly%20holidays_spacer.gif  Family friendly accommodation
Kenya wildlife safari adventures for young and old
The Kenya luxury Lodge Safari of memorable times spent as a Kenya family
Share the wonder and excitement as your children see their first wild animals in masai mara
Africa is the ideal playground - introduce your children to the wonders of the great out
Childminding facilities allow parents to enjoy the tranquillity of the bush






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