Submerge into the sea depths and pull in boundless measures of sea creatures such as the tiny fishes, which thusly draw in the excellent scuba diving site in Kona, Hawaii, getting you to the best encounter of manta rays. A remarkable time close to the planktons may be perhaps the most wonderful escapade you will experience in your lifetime. Of course, for your safety, stay away from these rays when they get so near you to avoid them hitting you.

For a beginner’s security, dive guides and information are important to bear in mind!

Since your goal is to have a remarkable encounter with mantra rays, which are threatening in some aspects when their rays hit you, then you need to wear the right gears before you dive down to the ocean. For more detailed diving guides and information visit

Start from the diving mask!

You can find the traditional diving mask and full face mask in the store, but the latter is more advisable when you intend to interact with sea creatures such as mantra rays; therefore, this one may have in-built defects in the design. Though the full mask has become popular due to its durability and security element, some factors need to consider before buying one. 

There are some diving masks, such as their forms, colors, sizes, and cost. Aside from this, what’s important is that a mask you purchase has to be comfy, safe, and make sure that it offers you a clear vision when you plunge into the water.


What to look for in a mask?

So, start eyeing for a traditional diving mask made of soft silicone borders. It will stick to your face smoothly. When the tempered glass may break in the unfortunate occurrence, it would not crack into pieces. Moreover, a de-fog solution of a mask's lenses should be functional every time you submerge into the water. A lot of brands are available at affordable prices without compromising the quality. This defog solution is best recommended when you come close to a manta ray.

You do not have to use lots of your cash when owning a diving mask, particularly if you are just beginning to purchase an item. Check the starter options to get an excellent investment for your scuba diving experience.

Browse the Internet for instructional dive guides and information about the right diving gears to ease using the traditional mask. With the information to be had, you will as well find an assessment between items like the traditional mask vs. full face mask. Likewise, ensure that you purchase the right size, material, and quality, as it could be frustrating when your item is too tight to wear; this is usually the cause of water leakage.