A Trek to the Iconic Crater Mountain in Kenya´s Great Rift Valley

This week's highlight was an exhilarating hike to Mount Longonot, an iconic crater mountain nestled in Kenya's Great Rift Valley. Our adventure commenced from Nairobi on a chilly Tuesday morning. As we drove past the picturesque Rift Valley Escarpment, excitement filled the air. By 8:00 AM, we reached the foot of Mt. Longonot, ready to conquer its magnificent heights.

The Hike

Mt Longonot Basics

Total Distance: 6.2km up and back, 13.5km including rim hike ( My App recorded 15 Kms)

Duration: 3-6 hours hiking time ( We took 4 Hours)

Difficulty Level: Moderate to advanced ( Some points are abit tough but with okay fitness level you should be able to hack easily). 

Location: Naivasha, Kenya, within Mount Longonot National Park 

Cost: Citizens & Residents – 250 KSH, Non-Resident Adults – $26 USD, Non-Resident Children – $15 USD
Opening Times: 6AM-6PM every day





Just a few metres from the gate we encounter these beautiful impalas grazing.




After 1 hour and 30 minutes of hiking, we finally reached the first peak, but I must admit, I felt utterly exhausted. It had been a year since my last hike, and this one definitely took a toll on me.



Another sighting; this time a Masai Giraffe from a distance. We were also able to see a herd of buffalos and giraffes but from a great distance and out of our cameras reach.



A Mini crater observable as we enbark on a wark around the crater


Mt Longonot Kilele Ngamia Peak covered by Fog



Made it to the peak after 3 Hours 



At this point still we dont have a clear view of crater as it is foggy. 



The Fog clears and I am able to get clear shot of the crater



W descend to the starting point at 12.30 PM have lunch and later return back to Nairobi



For Mt Longonot Hike Check out full details on our website Mt Longonot Hike | Starting from $120 per person (africavacationsafaris.com)

Or email us directly via info@africavacationsafaris.com | Whatsapp +254723315919










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