Balaji Travels, established in 1992, is a renowned travel agency in Chennai, specializing in Tirupati tour packages from Chennai Airport to Tirupati. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted choice for travelers seeking a spiritual journey from Chennai Airport to Tirupati. Located at No 40, Venkatnarayna Rd, Parthasarathi puram, T.Nagar, Chennai-600017, we offer both bus packages and car packages to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.


Service Overview:

At Balaji Travels, we understand the importance of a fulfilling pilgrimage experience. Our Tirupati tour packages cover visits to key temples in Tirupati, ensuring a seamless and enriching journey for our customers. Whether you choose our bus packages or car package, you can expect comfort, convenience, and personalized service throughout your trip.

Car Packages in Balaji Travels: Our car packages provide a personalized travel experience with dedicated pickup and drop-off services. Our professional drivers ensure a safe and comfortable journey from Chennai Airport to Tirupati, allowing you to relax and focus on your spiritual quest.

Pickup Services: For our car packages, we offer convenient pickup services at your doorstep within the city area of Chennai Airport. Our drivers are punctual and ensure that you reach your destination on time and in comfort.

Multiple Pickup Options: For groups with members starting from different locations, we offer multiple pickup options for an additional fee. This flexibility ensures that everyone can join the journey seamlessly.

Dropoff Services: After a fulfilling day of temple visits, our drivers will drop you off at your desired location within Airport. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that your journey concludes smoothly and safely.

Car Packages Covering The Temples:

  • Balaji Temple: Seek divine blessings at the iconic Balaji Temple, a spiritual haven revered by devotees far and wide.
  • Padmavathi Temple: Experience tranquility at the serene Padmavathi Temple, dedicated to Goddess Padmavathi, consort of Lord Venkateswara.
  • Sri Varahasamy Temple: Pay homage at the ancient Sri Varahasamy Temple, known for its architectural grandeur and spiritual significance.
  • Sri Varasidhi Vinayagar Temple: Find solace and auspicious beginnings at the Sri Varasidhi Vinayagar Temple, dedicated to Lord Vinayagar.
  • Sri Bedi Anjaneya Temple: Witness vibrant rituals and seek blessings at the Sri Bedi Anjaneya Temple, devoted to Lord Hanuman.

Car Package Inclusions:

  1. Breakfast: Kickstart your day with a hearty breakfast to fuel your spiritual journey.
  2. Lunch: Recharge with a satisfying meal to replenish your energies and continue your pilgrimage with vigor.
  3. Seegra Darshan Ticket: Enjoy swift and hassle-free darshan with special entry Tirupati Darshan tickets (Seegra Darshan).
  4. One Laddu: Receive a divine treat of one delicious laddu as a sweet offering during your temple visit. Additional laddus can be collected over the counter by paying an extra ₹50 each.
  5. Logistics Covered: Relax and focus on your pilgrimage with covered logistics, including driver beta, Andhra state permit, toll gate fees, car parking, and diesel charges.


Start your spiritual journey with Balaji Travels from Chennai Airport to Tirupati. We offer both Bus Packages and Car packages for your convenience. Whether you choose to travel by bus or car, we ensure a comfortable and enriching pilgrimage experience. Book your trip now on our website and begin your sacred journey to Tirupati, where blessings await at every step.

Balaji Travels organizes Chennai Airport to Tirupati tour Packages at the best Price. This tour is organized from Chennai all over the place. In this Chennai Airport is the top city in Chennai. Also, we have packages available at all places in Tamil Nadu.

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