A continent of wonder that encompasses the South Pole, Antarctica is the driest, windiest, coldest, iciest region on Earth. Small and comfortable expedition cruises are open for booking so that travelers from all over the world can have the experience of a lifetime in the polar landscape, observing wildlife for many days. Being an  icy land of pure wilderness, there is always excitement while cruising on a small ship an Antarctica cruise is a dream experience and optional activities such as camping, snowshoeing and mountaineering contribute to the trip of lifetime.

Antarctica is not a cheap destination, as you will be on ships especially designed for polar travel. You are not likely to find another as unique and incredible as Antarctica your money will be well spent!

Antarctica is not  cheap. It is priceless.

An Antarctica cruise trip cost depends on the following factors:

  • Where are you arriving from?
  • What itinerary do you prefer for an Antarctica trip?
  • How long will your trip be?
  • What type of luxury and comfort do you expect?
  • What sort of activities do you like to join in?

Some travelers assume that a cheap cruise to Antarctica is not possible as a typical cost is USD10,000 or more. It is not a cheap destination to add to your bucket list, but there are cheap Antarctic cruise offers available with last minute deals, early bird deals, group bookings and the occasional flash deals waiting to be jumped on.

The best ways to find a relatively cheap Antarctica cruise is to avoid the peak season, go for a cheap cruise, share a cabin, book in advance and cash in on flash deals. Prices of shared cabins on Antarctica cruise ships tend to be lower for those booking 8-12 months before the planned trip – the savings on your Antarctica cruise trip can be as much as 30%. So, try one these tricks to get  a cheap Antarctica cruise deal, have  fun  and enjoy the adventure.

Five Antarctica Cruise Highlights

1. The abandoned town of  Grytviken in South Georgia

A collection of abandoned whaling ships and  the South Georgia museum; the legacies of Sir Ernest Shackleton, reminders of whaling operations and the Falklands War, plus  the occasional spotting of king penguins, elephant seals and albatross nesting sites.

2. Neko Harbour, Western coast of Antarctica Peninsula

 This is the breeding ground for hundreds of Gentoo penguins in Andvord Bay – also called Neko Harbour.  It is  also an ideal location  see spectacular glaciers

3. Paradise Harbour, Western Peninsula

Kissed by towering glaciers and mountains,  Paradise Harbour  presents  stunning vistas   in this area of the Antarctica Peninsula that is aligned with the west coast of Graham Land.

4. Gold Harbour, Salisbury Plain and  St Andrews Bay

These areas  have some of the most spectacular wildlife sights in the world, with stunning views of  huge king penguin colonies in  South Georgia.

5. Lemaire Channel

An amazingly beautiful route, dividing huge cliffs and icebergs, up a dramatic channel blocked with plenty of loose glacial ice with numerous crab-eater seals to watch out for.

Polar Holidays has a number of Antarctica cruise tours starting and ending in  South America.  Our polar specialists will help you plan your dream travel package, with options of  adventure activities to add to your tour itinerary, arranging city stopovers on the way to your cruise  and  choosing the best cruise ship for your  Antarctic cruise.

For help  with getting a cheap Antarctica cruise, whether it is through early booking or a last minute deal, or to find out which Antarctic cruises cost best meet your budget, contact us now at 1 (800) 240 – 2648 or via info@polarholidays.com!

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