Can a single woman perform hajj?

Hajj is a religious obligation annually practiced in Dhul-Hajj. This spiritual pilgrimage must be completed just once in a lifetime. Every Muslim desire to practice this holy pilgrimage. But this sacred trip demands a handsome amount. Muslims have to pay some charges to accomplish this holy journey. Undoubtedly, this holy pilgrimage becomes a little inexpensive for Saudi countrymen. While still, they pay some charges for this sacred act of worship. This spiritual journey is the best method to progress in all elements of society. Many Muslims accomplish this holy journey through cheap Hajj packages and attain numerous blessings.

Every financially secure individual is required to accomplish this holy journey. This is also necessary to ensure that their absence will not have a negative impact on their family. Muslims practice this holy journey every year and attain the closeness of Allah Almighty. Muslim women also accomplish this holy pilgrimage along with men. You will be amazed to know that women make 40 percent of the total pilgrims. Muslim women also make this holy journey every year. As now, women can enjoy freedom as men do. Before, the declaration of Islam women was not respected and honored like today.

Women were treated adversely along with slaves before the declaration of Islam. Even so, daughters instantly got buried as soon as they were born. The status of women was so terrible in society at that time. Some rude people also divide daughters among inheritance. However, women today have the same level of freedom as males in all aspects of life. Women's morality has been raised in Islam, and they are valued as mothers, daughters, and sisters.

Women are allowed to participate in this sacred act of worship as well. They must, however, follow some guidelines in this respect. Women are not permitted to travel alone in Islam. They must go in the company of a Mahram. A Mahram is a person with whom it is forbidden to marry due to blood links. This was also the principle of the Saudi Hajj ministry. Women were not allowed to practice this holy journey alone. They were required to accomplish this holy journey in the company of a Mahram. While the women above 45 years of age were allowed to travel alone along with groups. But now the Saudi hajj ministry allowed the women to accomplish this journey without a Mahram as well. The women can practice this holy journey without carrying a Mahram. The Saudi Hajj ministry has changed its rules and allowed women to do so. But we will suggest you accompany someone with you.

You will feel alone in the foreign land of Saudi Arabia as well as bored. If you will carry someone this will not let you bored. This will be quite advantageous for you, as the single is not stronger than the duo. Women can also not overcome situations bravely like men. Taking someone along will increase the comfort of your journey. I think you have understood my meaning. The central point of this article is that women can travel alone for Hajj.

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