Passengers who checked in online can now check their own bags.

6 September 2022, Brussels At Brussels Airport, Brussels Airlines passengers can utilise a new technology to self-check their bags. Since this summer, travellers who have checked in online are able to print the baggage labels for their bags at one of the 16 airport kiosks using their boarding passes. They may then put their bags on one of the six luggage belts. The "Baggage drop-off" saves the travellers a significant amount of time. Over the summer break, the new system was gradually implemented and is now fully functional. If you have spent a handsome money to book business class then you will have lavish services. Because brussels airlines business class luxurious and lush services.

This summer, Brussels Airport unveiled a brand-new system that enables travellers to check their own bags at the airport. Passengers travelling on short- and medium-haul flights operated by Brussels Airlines and the other Lufthansa Group airlines (Lufthansa, Swiss, and Austrian) can now print their own luggage labels and check their own bags. For this, a brand-new area with 16 label kiosks and 6 bag drops, where the suitcase is weighed and put on the belt to the baggage hall, has been set up close to check-in row 4. If customers need assistance, Brussels Airlines staff can provide it.

As more people can submit their luggage at once, this bag drop-off offers significant time savings for travellers. Since more than 75% of Brussels Airlines passengers check in at home and have their boarding card on hand, they can use this technology to check in their suitcase and continue travelling more quickly. Up to 400 people can check in their bags per hour using this luggage drop-off. Of course, passengers can continue to use the staffed check-in offices.

During the summer break, this system was methodically installed, and it is now completely functional. Already 35.000 suitcases, or nearly 10% of the suitcases on short- and medium-haul flights operated by the Lufthansa Group, were checked in utilising the baggage drop-off during the months of July and August. In this broad trial, the system will be constantly evaluated with an eye toward potential future extension.

The national airline of Belgium and one of the four network carriers in the Lufthansa Group is Brussels Airlines. From Brussels Airport, it connects the European capital with over 85 locations, 17 of which are in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company runs 40 aircraft and has 3,200 employees.