Best Way to Spend the Weekends in Kolkata


Floating on a yacht off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea or enjoying a detox spa in a private island in Maldives, is a fancy dream. But you don’t want your weekend enjoyment to rely on such fancy ambitions. This is why you need a tranquil moment lazing on a private space designed with a serene backdrop to fulfil your ambitions.

Although, West Bengal has some of the best holiday destinations such as Digha, Darjeeling, Bishnupur, and more, nothing offers more than the modern-day resorts near Kolkata. At these resorts, you can enjoy a host of activities with your near and dear ones.

Here are the main reasons why these modern resorts are gaining popularity day-by-day:

  • Amazing Location: Location is one of the biggest USPs of modern resorts. They are located far away from the daily grind offering their visitors a bit of respite from the maddening rush of fast-paced city life. Furthermore, the resorts are surrounded by ample amount of greenery and tranquil blue waters which further adds serenity to the calm and peaceful audience. All thanks to abundant greenery, people can engage in soulful activities such as bird-watching and cycling. The concept of spending a soul-satisfying holiday in the lap of nature is a magnificent concept. And what better than these resorts?
  • Comfortable Accommodation: Waking up in a comfy bedroom and witnessing a spectacular display of nature from the window is a dream concept. And these resorts turn your dreams into a reality. The comfy and spacious rooms are jam-packed with all the necessary amenities and mind-boggling interiors.
  • Adventure Activities: Any weekend fun is incomplete without some adventure. And what better than these resorts? You can engage in a variety of fun-filled adventure activities in the lap of nature. The resorts are spread across acres of land and there is abundant space for playing outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton, and more. Furthermore, the tranquil blue waters of the surrounding water bodies are an ideal fishing spot. The best part is that the adventure does not end here. People can engage in real adventure activities like Trampoline, Zorbing, Zoomering, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Friendship, Zipline, and more. Added to that, the abundant greenery allows you to catch a glimpse of numerous dazzling migratory birds that call this place home.
  • Swimming Pool: A swimming pool is always centre to a plethora of fun activities. A leisurely swim in the crystal clear pool water or chilling with near and dear ones by the poolside can rejuvenate your soul in a matter of seconds. A banter among friends with a cup of premium cocktail and legs dipped in water can be a fascinating way to spend the evening. Furthermore, you can relax in an easy chair by the pool and enjoy the fresh warm rays of the sun.
  • Lip-Smacking Delicacies: No matter where we spend our holidays, nothing more holds value than the quality of food. And this is where the luxury resorts prevail. Most of the resorts near Kolkata have an in-house restaurant which serves multiple delicious cuisines prepared by some excellent chefs. The ambience is majestic and is a delight for any food freak.
  • Entertainment: The resorts come with its own dossier of entertainment. There is a pub which offers premium cocktails and exotic beverages to soothe your nerve cells. Furthermore, you can put on your dancing shoes and dance into the tunes of pumping beats played by the DJ.


The modern resorts are a complete package. From a host of adrenaline-pumping adventure activities to appetising food, from serene location to comfy rooms, the modern-day resorts redefined luxury vacation. The best part is the ambience. Far away from the daily grind and supported by vast stretches of enchanting natural displays, the resorts provide the perfect vacation opportunity for people looking for a respite from the mundane life.

There is no denying the fact that a vacation can do wonders to both your mental and physical health. Given, the hectic schedule and demanding work life, people find it more difficult than ever to strike a proper work-life balance. After dedicating a vast majority of the precious time available to excel sheets and PowerPoint slides, everyone needs to spend some quality time with their near and dear ones in a peaceful or serene setting to recharge their cells. And nothing is better than a luxury resort staffed with world-class amenities and comfortable accommodation services.

Although these resorts are located bit away from the daily grind, they have excellent connectivity options. 24*7 transportation is available. So, if looking to escape from the monotonous routine for a short span then pack your bags and set off for a journey in these beautiful resorts to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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