Best Tourist Place in Srisailam Patalganga

Best Tourist Place in Srisailam Patalganga

Srisailam Patalganga

Srisaylam's main tourist destination, the Krishna River, is called Patal Ganga. There are two ways to get to Patal Ganga. One where you have to descend about 500 steps to reach the river.

The other way is by rope. Riding the cable car is a very pleasant experience. From the height you can see the beautiful natural scenery of the Krishna river,

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lush green forest and Sri Shaylam Dam. Got achieved by immersing oneself in Patal Ganga.


Srisailam Dam

Srisaylam Dam is a very beautiful place in Srisaylam. Once you reach Patal Gangga, you can take a boat tour of the river and causeway.

The panoramic view of the Krishna River amongst the beautiful greenery of the Nalamala Hills when you visit the Shrisailam Dam by boat is simply gorgeous.

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Srisaylam Dam on the Krishna River is the second-largest hydroelectric project in the country. The view of the waterfall from a height of 290 meters on the dam wall in broad daylight will leave you mesmerized.


Sakshi Ganpati Temple

Sakshi Ganapati Temple is 3 km from Srisaylam. Every devotee must visit Sakshi Ganapati Temple, one of Srisaylam's religious sites.

If you don't visit Sakshi Ganpati Temple, your journey is not over. Lord Ganesha is the witness of your journey.

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He recorded everyone who had visited Malikarjuna Jiotirling. This record reaches Lord Shiva.