The Best Times to Visit Prague



The Czech Republic’s capital, is also the largest city and ranks 14th among the European Union's largest cities. This archival Bohemian proper, capital is situated northwest of the Czech Republic and extends along the bank of river Vltava Prague boasts of around 1.3 million population and is known for its moderate oceanic temperature marked by; cold winters and warm summer. You may plan a vacation through travel planners for awesome experience.

Seasons can mean a lot to your journey

If you are still baffled when to visit Prague; then mark my words it’s a classic holiday destination almost 365 days of the year. As for me; summers are the best time to visit Prague and get soaked in its warm climate often followed by slight dampness at times and numerous musical festivals that diffuses in its atmosphere.  Albeit less popular among many travelers, my friends have always picked to be there during chilly winters to; mount up the snow clad mountains and be a part of various festive celebrations . Not to miss out, many of my cousins have mentioned being there during spring and fall that often bestows pleasant moments and decent climate to its visitors. It is also the best time to visit Prague as fewer crowds throng during these two seasons.

Enhance your stay with peak and low seasons

Travelers planning a trip to this cultural beacon city yet can’t conclude on when to visit Prague should be aware that; winters are the least preferred season by tourists who love coming back to Prague. Those on an assigned travel budget can take into account the following to make their stay a memorable one. 

  • July to August are considered as the high seasons. Apart from the rise in the prices; the city witnesses a huge crowd.
  • November and January to February are interpreted as the low seasons. Those who love extended stays and solitude can prefer to be in the city then as the prices fall and Prague is less crowded.
  • March to June, September to October and December are the shoulder season

Let the weather do the talking

For tourists like me, the best time to visit Prague is highly defined the climatic conditions prevailing during the time of the planned visit. Outlined by warmer days and chillier nights; spring and fall bestows a wonderful touring climate for travelers from distant lands. Of all the rest my family loves being in Prague then to enjoy being drenched in the rains followed by stretched weeks of hot sunshine . Many of my cousins just love long cold winters that at times extends up till May. Travelers can experience rain at any time of the year so should remember to carry an umbrella.

I remember attending Prague’s annual celebration including the, Rock for People in mid April that had lured a huge crowd. As a ardent Shakespeare fan my company managing director had also mentioned being in the city in June to attend Summer Shakespeare Festival which too attracted a huge line. Royal Silvering of Kutna Hora in June is quite popular among many travelers.

To conclude I am a frantic traveler and usually don’t compromise on good things, so not to ignore Prague trip planner has been a companion all throughout my stay enlightening me on ; most hotels, nightlife ,shops, theaters ,attractions and more