Best Things to do for Kids in Sharjah

Best Things to do for Kids in Sharjah

Tourists are welcome in Sharjah, and this emirate is ready to delight everyone with desert safari, rides, water parks, colorful souks, art centers, and play arenas. When it comes to visiting with kids, there are a lot of questions that come to mind. What is the safe place to visit in Sharjah with kids? Which is the best amusement park in Sharjah for toddlers? Sharjah boasts amazing attractions such as theme parks, edutainment centers, and aqua. Thus, to help you out, we've noted down the best things to do for kids in Sharjah.

1. Al Montazah Amusement and Water Park


This park offers endless water games, rides, and splashes that attract visitors of different age groups. Water splashing games are kids' favorite, and this water park is best to visit with kids. The park has been divided into two zones: The Island of Legends (amusement park) and The Pearl Kingdom (water park). Here, kids can enjoy speed slides and indulge themselves in enthralling activities.

2. Enjoy Experiments at Sharjah Science Museum


If your kids are fond of science activities, don't forget to visit the Sharjah Science Museum. Here, kids can experiment and enjoy watching a lot of scientific discoveries. Adults can also accompany kids to perform puzzling concepts and participate in experiments about astrophysics and aerodynamics.

There are several amazing demonstrations of experiments that kids can watch and enjoy with excitement. With 150+ interactive exhibits and experiments, your kids have a fantastic learning time. The place is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. So, you can take your kids on an amazing journey of scientific heaven.

3. Experience Colorful Butterflies at Al Noor Island


Al Noor Island is the best to enjoy kids' activities and a perfect place for weekend rollover. Your toddlers can spend an amazing day in the pavilion and playground at this beautiful place. You can explore sculptures, artworks, miniature gardens, light installations, and butterflies.

The best thing about visiting Al Noor Island is that kids can chase butterflies in the Butterfly House. We want to recommend visiting this amazing place during the cooler month so that you can witness 500 exotic butterflies flying over your heads. However, these butterflies aren't native ones but from other eastern countries.

4. Watch Enchanting Sea Creatures at Sharjah Aquarium & Maritime Museum


Underwater creatures are excellent to visit with kids. Watching colorful fish and other creatures gives you a wonderful experience. This museum offers you an opportunity to explore the underwater world and let you have a close-up look at the sea creatures. Kids can enjoy witnessing stingrays, turtles, black-tip reef sharks, jellyfish, seahorses, crown fish, eagle rays, and reef sharks.

Adjacent to the aquarium, there is a Maritime Museum in which kids can enjoy the rich marine heritage of the UAE and Emirates of Sharjah. Children can also explore Arabian pearls, traditional wooden seafaring shows, and unlimited fishing methods. Besides, kids feel delighted with lagoons and mangroves that spread in different zones.

5. Jump with Joy at Adventureland


Numerous activities and 100+ video games help keep your kids trapped in the bundle of joy. After taking a deep dive at the Aquarium and Maritime Museum, kids can explore Adventureland. This is amongst the prominent indoor theme parks of the UAE, specially designed for kid's entertainment. The park is open throughout the weekend so that you can spend quality time with your kids. Kids can play in the arcade and enjoy roller coasters. Most of the kids love go-karts and ninja course challenges. The falcon flight, air race, wall climbing, and much more activities offer 360 degrees of unlimited excitement. Apart from this, adults and kids can enjoy the F1 simulator race.

6. Enjoy Mesmerizing Ride at the Eye of the Emirates


Eye of the Emirates is the main center of attraction in Sharjah. This large Ferris wheel consists of 42 air-conditioned cabins. Kids can enjoy a wonderful ride on this giant wheel and have a fantastic city view above 60 meters. Moreover, you can even have a spectacular view of the Burj Khalifa and the Coastline of the Arabian Sea. This spinning wheel ride is best to enjoy with kids and adults. The place is open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

7. Feed Animals at Sharjah Desert Park


Sharjah Desert Park is home to more than 100 species of snakes, gazelles, fish, birds, insects, and baboons. This park has a children's farm, an aviary, a breeding center, and a tank for blind fish. Moreover, it also has a natural history museum where kids can explore different things together.

This desert park continues to entertain kids and adults with its enthralling animal species that are kept indoors and outdoors. Kids can feed the children's farm animals, such as sheep and goats. In the museum, kids will learn about numerous wild-life, such as reptiles, mammals, birds, and others. The park is open from Monday to Sunday, so you can explore it anytime.

8. Discover New Things at Sharjah Discovery Center


This is one of the biggest edutainment centers for the kids where they can learn about science and technology. Kids can understand the scientific concepts in detail and witness different inventions inside this science and technology center. This science and technology center keeps you busy with different activities. Moreover, kids can perform experiments under expert guidelines. Apart from experiments, the discovery center is divided into different interactive zones such as Airport, The Drive Town, TV Studio, Build Town, the Climbing wall, Petroleum Refinery, Water World, the Human Anatomy center, and Sound Zone.

9. Enjoy a Visit to Sharjah National Park


Lastly, spend some relaxing time with your whole family at the Sharjah National Park. This is one of the biggest parks in Sharjah. It has colorful landscapes and amazing green trees. You can enjoy a family picnic and enjoy a barbeque with kids and listen to the sound of chirping birds. Apart from plenty of picnic tables and barbecue areas, you can also have fun exploring the giant slide, a duck pond, and a miniature city at the Sharjah National Park.


So, we hope you’ve tick mark these mesmerizing things to do for kids in Sharjah. These water parks and edutainment centers keep your kids engaged and allow you to create memorable moments. There are a lot more things to do with kids in Sharjah, so don't forget to search for the best things to do for kids in Sharjah to enjoy with your kids.