Best Shopping Guide During Umrah


Umrah is a very spiritual journey for Muslims as they visit many holy places, especially Masjid al-Haram and Majid al-Nabawi during Umrah. The Qur'an does not specify the time of Umrah but Muslims can do it whenever they want but they cannot do Umrah on the days of Hajj. According to Saudi government records, about 50,000 Muslims join the Umrah pilgrimage from the United Kingdom each year.

What is the best way to join Umrah from UK?

The answer to this question is Umrah packages from UK, people of this country get these packages from any travel agency which has been working for many years but some agencies can cheat their own customers by offering expensive flights and hotels. ۔ Here, Muslim brothers and sisters should make sure about their packages that they are getting these packages from reliable travel agencies.

Of course there are many different things and lessons hidden in this mysterious land but people can see and acquire deep knowledge and spirituality during Umrah. It is human nature to buy something to make a trip memorable.

Most people think that Zamzam water is only available in Masjid Al Haram and Makkah Mukarramah but this is not true, they can get it in Masjid Nabavi, so people use 5 liter bottles of Zamzam water to bring home. Can buy A few years ago visitors were allowed to bring home 10 liter bottles of Zamzam water but today only 5 liter bottles of Zamzam are allowed. Bottles of Zamzam can also be purchased at Jeddah Airport.

First of all, a pilgrim has to show his passport to buy Ab ZamZam and only 1 bottle per passport is allowed.

Most pilgrims buy dates in Makkah and Madinah.

Before buying dates: 

  1. Search a quality shop
  2. Ask the age of the dates

Check the boxes and decide if all the dates in these boxes are fresh.

Some pilgrims want to buy some electronic devices, they should take some precaution before buying anything there.

  1. People should check the IMEI number of the device online.
  2. Take the stamped and official invoice
  3. People should ask for international guarantees for global brands.

People can buy everything from Bin Dawood in Makkah Mukarramah which is located under the buildings of the Clock Tower and the other branch is located to the right of the Clock Building. People can buy everything there for food and drink, cosmetics and many other things. Bin Dawood is a supermarket.

Most people say that Medina is cheaper than Mecca. In Medina, Taiba center is the central shopping center. Today there are many shopping malls and supermarkets in Medina and Makkah with the best facilities. Muslims can buy whatever they want there but they should keep in mind during their Umrah journey that their purpose is not shopping in these holy cities but their only purpose is to come to these cities, only from Allah Pray that he may get rid of his sins and attain Paradise.

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