Best Restaurants in Tennessee

Best Restaurants in Tennessee

Tennessee's stunning beauty, extensive history, and vibrant music culture are only some of the reasons to travel to Tennessee, the Volunteer State. There are numerous the natural wonders of the state, outdoor adventures and top-of-the-line attractions that will entice adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. While you're there, make sure to try Tennessee's well-known barbecue. You can also sip some whiskey, enjoy live music, and soak up a good portion of Southern hospitality as you travel. Here's a list with the most important Tennessee tourist attractions and activities.

There are a lot of things Tennessee is known for: Southern sensibility, music and food. In terms of food, the variety of choices from traditional Fried Chicken to the most delicious barbecue you'll ever eat and you'll leave feeling satisfied and full of food.

If you ask anyone from Memphis and they'll be able to tell you about Corky's BBQ. In Mason, Gus' Fried Chicken. And in Nashville, Prince's Hot Chicken Shack. These restaurants are staples in Tennessee. You should definitely check out these 14 top dining establishments in Tennessee.

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Gus' World Famous Fried Chicken, Mason, TN

Gus"is a family affair, beginning by Na along with Maggie Vanderbilt in the small town of Mason, Tennessee. They tried out recipes while they worked in an tavern in the 70s, before they opened their own business with the assistance of the locals in 1983. Then, Memphis native Wendy McCrory brought Gus to greater fame by opening a downtown location in Memphis and launching several franchises. However, it's hard to beat the place which was the first to get started.

Corky's BBQ, Memphis, TN

Corky's BBQ was founded in 1984. It has steadily grown in popularity thanks to their ability to provide the most delicious barbecue available in the region. The barbecue pit they use is made from charcoal and wood made of hickory, and their menu includes ribs as well as pork, as well as chicken and beef. The results are evident, since Corky's has been awarded 22 times as the best barbecue establishment in the city. It also have led to the establishment of numerous franchises throughout Tennessee.

Huey's, Memphis, TN

Their slogan is"The place to be for blues, brews and burgers. The establishment was founded in the year 1970. The name originates from founder, Alan Gray, whose nickname was Huey during his childhood. The Huey Burger is regarded as the finest hamburger in Memphis. Its original spot is located on Madison Avenue in Midtown Memphis and you'll be surrounded by colorful murals, tooth picks hanging from the ceiling and checkboard tablecloths in red.


Prince's Hot Chicken Shack, Nashville, TN

Newcomers are making their way into Nashville's famous hot chicken scene --Hattie B's is the latest to be blown out of the picture, but Prince's Hot Chicken Shack wins points due to its long background. It was once described as "the most popular eatery located in Tennessee" by the mayor of the time, Nashville Bill Purcell, according to the Ringer. The method involves cooking the chicken, smothering in a spread and then covering it with several hot spices, including cayenne pepper. The result has created popular across the country and put restaurants like Prince's on the map.

The Tomato Head, Knoxville, TN

The Tomato Head is situated within Market Square in downtown Knoxville just a few minutes from campus at Tennessee's University of Tennessee. It began in the form of The Flying Tomato as a lunch establishment, serving food served on paper plates and served using plastic forks. Today, there's plenty of tasty food choices at the Tomato Head, from Mediterranean flavors like hummus to combinations of pizzas that mix flavors with toppings. It's simple to eat healthily at The Tomato Head, with a variety of salads and vegetarian choices.

The Loveless Cafe, Nashville, TN

There are specials on the menu every day--fried chicken n' gravy served on Mondays, and chicken dumplings and chicken on Wednesdays. However, the general consensus appears to the Loveless Cafe serves as the epitomization of Southern cooking. The cafe's beginnings were established in 1951, with the time that Lon Loveless and Annie Loveless began serving fried biscuits and chicken to visitors. The biscuits and chicken fried remain at Loveless Cafe in the present, extending from its humble beginnings to the recognition it gets in the present. It is still a homey and simple style and continues to serve its homemade biscuits for those looking for an intimate dining experience.

Etch, Nashville, TN

Etch can be found in Encore Tower. It is also near The Country Music Hall of Fame and SoBro close by. The chef Deb Paquette, the very first woman from Tennessee to obtain a certification as an executive chef, developed Etch's restaurant. It has modern and sleek style. The menu items are innovative like the lamb frites which contain Lemon goat cheese, charcoalized eggplant as well as golden beet sauce. The distinctive tastes, top location, and modern decor makes this a must-visit restaurant in Nashville.

Maple Street Biscuit Company, Chattanooga, TN

The restaurant opened in 2012 and The Maple Street Biscuit Company quickly became a favorite in Chattanooga getting praise with a spot on The Food Network. It is known for its southern staples--the name might be a clue--but the southern favourites are filled with extras that aren't typically found in other places. It offers 17 sandwich choices that all use flaky biscuits and other ingredients like fried chickens as well as pulled pork and bacon. There are also dressings made by the restaurant, such as the homemade apple butter. Their restaurants are hospitable and welcoming. environment.

Monell's, Nashville, TN

Monell's opened since 1995. It serves classic southern fare like BBQ barbecue ribs, fried fish and even a fried catfish. They also are serving a breakfast menu that includes the smoked sausage, corned Pudding as well as coffee. The food is served "communal" way that is, first come first serve. There is also a family-style dining area which makes it unique. The large dining table. The basic rules --no phones, as well as "pass left to left"--make it a warm southern-style setting, adding to the wonderful food.

The Stock & Barrel, Knoxville, TN

The Stock & Barrel is billed as a burger & bourbon restaurant. Although it's an extremely new restaurant that has been around for a while, it is a part of the Metro Pulse, a Knoxville weekly paper, has already given it a number of prizes, including best hamburger and the best French fries. Bourbon choices are numerous and there are over 20 different kinds of burgers you can try each one of which is a speciality and contains distinct mixtures of ingredients. It's a favorite restaurant within downtown Knoxville with outdoor and inside seating, as well as many rave reviews about the burgers and drinks.

The French Market Creperie, Knoxville, TN

It is worth mentioning that the French Market Creperie offers a distinct menu that is different from the majority of restaurants in Tennessee in the sense that their variety of food items doesn't make a statement about the southern tradition. Crepes, baguettes and croissants are a lot less popular in Tennessee than barbecue and chicken, but the French Market Creperie is an extremely popular eatery in Knoxville and is popular with those who seek to experience the Paris experience. For that kind of experience you can find small café tables in the outside area, interior decor and the feeling of the intimate setting in downtown Knoxville.


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