Indulging in a captivating blend of wine tourism and serene nature resorts is a dreamy escape for any travel enthusiast. Eastern Sojourns, a leading travel agency, presents enticing Goa Holiday Packages that offer the perfect fusion of exquisite vineyard experiences and the best nature resorts in North India.

Goa Holiday Packages and Other Packages


Wine Tourism in India

Growing Wine Tourism in India is a delightful revelation for wine connoisseurs and explorers alike. From the sprawling vineyards of Nashik to the scenic landscapes of Goa, wine enthusiasts can embark on a fascinating journey to savor India's finest wines. With Eastern Sojourns' Goa holiday packages, you can relish vineyard tours, wine tastings, and interact with expert sommeliers who guide you through the nuances of winemaking. Discover the art of grape cultivation, witness the wine-making process firsthand, and immerse yourself in the flavors and aromas of India's burgeoning wine culture.

Best Nature Resorts in North India

For those seeking a rejuvenating escape amidst nature's tranquility, the pristine beauty of North India beckons. Eastern Sojourns' Best Nature Resorts in North India offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the lap of nature. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, these resorts provide a serene retreat from the chaos of everyday life. Experience the soothing embrace of misty mountains, tranquil lakes, and lush green valleys while enjoying luxurious accommodations and impeccable hospitality.

Goa Holiday Packages

Eastern Sojourns' meticulously crafted Goa holiday packages cater to the discerning traveler's desires, combining the allure of wine tourism and the serenity of beaches. Embark on a journey that blends the flavors of India's burgeoning wine culture with the tranquil beauty of beaches. Unwind, explore, and create unforgettable memories on this mesmerizing sojourn.


Eastern Sojourns' Goa holiday packages present an enticing opportunity to delve into the world of wine tourism while basking in the serenity of North India's nature resorts. Immerse yourself in the flavors, aromas, and captivating landscapes as you embark on a remarkable journey that harmoniously blends the best of both worlds. Discover the magic of Goa with Eastern Sojourns today!

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