Everyone should put an African Safaris on their list of must-do vacations at least once in their lives. The process of preparing for a safari, while potentially rewarding, might be overwhelming for first-timers.

Unlike other parts of the world, traveling to Africa might be more difficult. Many locations are far from civilization and require lengthy travel by car, as well as airline and transfer planning.

Best African Safaris for families

South Africa is a great place for families to get their first taste of Africa's wildlife. The Kalahari, Kruger National Park, and Sabi Sands are just a few of the famous parks and wilderness locations. Here you may discover numerous safari camps suitable for the whole family.

When taking the kids on vacation, it's important to find a resort that caters to their needs in terms of both activities and accommodations. Tswalu Reserve, within The Kalahari Reserve, is highly suggested. Due to the absence of malaria, this area is perfect for families. Tswalu's limited visitor capacity of 30 at any given time is another selling point.

Best African Safaris for experts

Safari professionals highly recommend East Africa. Private concessions in Kenya and Tanzania are plentiful, and many of them are excellent investments despite their relative obscurity. The safari resorts there are among the best in all of Africa. One must include gorilla trekking in Rwanda on their bucket list.

While exploring the dense forests of Volcanoes National Park, keep an eye out for monkeys and other animals. Alternatively, the Mara Conservancies in Kenya provide a more exclusive safari experience.

Consider mixing up your safari with a trip to the top of Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro for a truly unforgettable adventure. You will see a side of Africa you have never seen before in the Eastern portion of the continent.

Best African Safaris for adventure tourist

The thrill of mobile camping makes Botswana and Tanzania two of the top sites in Africa for adventure safaris. Travelling across uncharted territory in search of wildlife is the goal of a mobile safari.

Mobile camping in the Okavango Delta and Serengeti National Park is an unforgettable adventure in the wild. Mobile safaris, in contrast to stationary, tented camps, relocate every few days to explore new areas.

When you go on a mobile safari, you get to explore some of the wildest places on the planet. It's also a great opportunity to see wildlife in its native habitat.

Best African Safaris for old travellers

Visitors in their twilight years will find the Mara Conservancies to be a wonderful choice in Kenya. The area is perfect for a private safari. And you can see all kinds of interesting animals. There are fewer tourists and more solitude on game drives thanks to the conservancies' caps on the number of accommodations and visitors. 

Staying at Angama Mara will provide you with the full "Out of Africa" feeling. The Maasai Mara, a scene of one of nature's greatest spectacles, is within easy reach. During the Great Migration, millions of wildebeest pass through the area between July and October. Some of the largest crocodiles on the planet can be seen in the Mara River.

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