7 Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs When on Holiday


Are you planning on doing any travelling this year? If so, you might want to take into consideration how you’re going to prevent bed bugs during your trip. You want to enjoy any holiday you are having, and bed bugs can be a real buzz kill. Obviously if you had an infestation in your London home you would hire a bed bug exterminator, but when you’re travelling that’s not possible.

Here are the top bed bug prevention tips that we’ve put together that can help you avoid bed bugs when travelling.


  1. Before you leave to go on holiday, check out the hotels reviews online. If they’ve had a bed bug infestation recently, it definitely will have been written about online. Remember though that because they had an infestation in the past, doesn’t mean the hotel has one now.


  1. When you pack your clothes, pack them in bags and then put them in a suitcase. So even if a bed bug does get into your luggage, your clothing will be protected.


  1. When you get to the hotel, keep your luggage off the bed and put it in the bathroom until you’ve checked the room. Look out for signs of bed bugs like small blood spots as well as brown coloured shed skin.


  1. Use a torch to look around the hidden, darker areas of the room. The places to look are around the nightstands, the edges of carpets, skirting boards, furniture and around plug sockets.


  1. Keep your clothing and luggage up off the floor and luggage racks even when you think a room is bed bug free. There could still be creepy crawlies lurking around.


  1. Upon your arrival home, inspect your luggage, unpack in the garage or laundry room, wash your clothes immediately, and vacuum the inside of your suitcases. This stops the bed bugs spreading into your home if they have found their way into your luggage.


  1. Keep your eye out for bed bugs in your home after your return from a trip. Sometimes it takes a while to notice an infestation because bed bugs are so great at hiding.