The city of Baghdad or the round city one of the Arab capitals is the capital and largest city of the Iraqi Republic,
and the second largest Arab city after the Egyptian capital Cairo, and the city is located on the Tigris River.
The credit for building the city of Baghdad goes to the Abbasid Caliph Abu Jaafar al-
Mansur, and at that time it was called the city of Mansur, and it is noteworthy that four
gates were allocated to it:
Bab Khurasan, Bab al-Sham, Bab Kufa, and Bab Basra.

Baghdad Cultural History

Baghdad has been known since ancient times as one of the most important regions that produced poets, writers and artists,
As the cultural movement began to emerge, the city became one of the most influential
capitals among the Arab capitals of culture and the arts, and many Iraqi and Arab poets and
artists sang to Baghdad,

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