5 of Australia's Top Musts

5 of Australia's Top Musts

The Land Down Under is a traveller favourite thanks to its warm weather, stunning beaches, exciting cities, and diverse landscapes. And if you´re visiting from the Northern Hemisphere, keep in mind that the seasons are reversed. So this month through November is spring, and December through February is summer - which is an especially fantastic time to visit - including these iconic destinations:


The Submarine Magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef

No trip to Australia is complete without a visit to the world's largest coral reef system, spread out over some 900 islands off the Queensland coast, with key destinations including Cairns, Fitzroy Island, Green Island, Hamilton Island, Townville, and the Whitsunday Islands. During the summer months the water is warm and clear, making it the perfect time to snorkel or scuba dive among the colorful fish and corals. You can also take a glass-bottom boat tour or go on a helicopter ride for an eye-popping bird's eye view. Don't forget to learn about the reef's conservation efforts and how you can help protect this fragile ecosystem.


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The Stunning Beaches of the Gold Coast

Also in Queensland, this coastline of more than 70 kilometers (43 miles) offers dozens of terrific strands, each with its own unique vibe. Surfers Paradise is the most famous and popular, known for its high-rise buildings and bustling atmosphere. For a quieter experience, head to Burleigh Heads or Coolangatta. And don't forget to catch a sunrise or sunset over the ocean – it's truly breathtaking.

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The Inspiring Great Ocean Road

One of the most iconic road trips stretches for more than 240km (149 mi.) along the coast of Australia´s southernmost state, Victoria. Along the way you'll see stunning coastal scenery, including the legendary  Twelve Apostles rock formations (above). Make sure to stop at the seaside towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay for some delicious seafood and beachside relaxation. And if you're feeling adventurous, take a helicopter ride over the coastline for some spectacular vistas indeed.


The Varied Vistas of the Outback

This vast and rugged landscape that covers more than 80 percent of the country's is a place of stunning natural beauty, ranging from the red-rock formations and vast deserts of the ¨red centre¨ to tropical settings up north. Along with these striking landscapes you´ll encounter unique wildlife and local culture including the Aboriginal and that of the sheepranching ¨jackaroos¨ and ¨jillaroos.¨ One of the best ways to experience the Outback is by taking a road trip along the famous Stuart Highway which runs from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south. Along the way, you'll see iconic landmarks like Uluru (aka Ayers Rock), Kings Canyon (above), and the MacDonnell Ranges. Make sure to pack plenty of water and sunscreen, as the Outback can get hot and dry, especially during the summer months.



Vibrant Sydney and Melbourne

Oz also ffers vibrant and cosmopolitan urban experiences in cities like Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, and its two largest, Sydney and Melbourne. In Sydney, New South Wales, take a stroll along iconic Bondi Beach, visit the even more iconic Sydney Opera House (top), and climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for breathtaking views . In Melbourne, down in Victoria and considered the country´s cultural capital, explore the lanes and street art of the famous graffiti alleys, indulge in the renowned local coffee culture, and visit the Royal Botanic Gardens. In both you´ll enjoy a wide range of cultural experiences, from museums and galleries to live music and theater performances.



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  • I was in Melbourne not long ago, and while there are no big ¨sights¨ like Sydney´s Harbour Bridge and Opera House, it´s a nice place to go and soak up the atmosphere!

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